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Highlights of the Week (April 15, 2022)

Highlights of the Week (April 15, 2022)
April 15, 2022

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This week I embarked on a bit of a journey, dipping my toes into Web3. Depending on your relationship to DeFi, NFTs, and the blockchain, I’m either too late to the game or entering what might as well be a different planet. Still, even institutional investors predict that Web3 will reach a $13TN market size by 2030. I checked out a webinar by former Schmidt’s founder, Jaime Schmidt, who discussed her NFT space, MyBFF. Emboldened by the former natural deodorant maker turned Web3 pioneer, I set up a MetaMask wallet and bought some Ethereum on Coinbase. For kicks, I might wander over to OpenSea and mint an NFT, a digital piece of art (for starters).

While NFTs about Bored Apes are fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars and Discord channels seem to be written in another language, the future of Web3 is very much in the making, with regular folks and significant corporations all vying to contribute to the future of the Internet. Whether you’re sitting poolside or already deep in the water, stay tuned for the private company details on Web3.

Here’s a recap of the week’s top stories:

  • Monday, we checked in on the big win for the Amazon Labor Union. What does the union's success mean for other Amazon employees? Is Bezos shaking in his (space) boots? Find out.

  • SPACs have fallen out of favor, but they’re still inching towards the finish line as numerous shell companies reach their deadlines. What about those rumors about stricter regulations? Learn the latest on the SPAC industry here.

  • Support for working parents took on a whole new sense of urgency during the pandemic when school closures and WFH mandates sent everyone to the kitchen table. Some states are making good on promises for more parental support. Find out how.

  • As if straight off the screen of “Don’t Look Up,” scientists are desperate for us to realize how severe the climate crisis is. Check out the latest news in climate science and the carbon capture startups in the space. Learn more.
Quick News:
🐦 #ElonMuskBuysTwitter
▶️ YouTube changes the rules for content creation
💰 That house just got even more expensive

⚖️ Equity: It's the law
🍃 California just hit a green milestone
Since last week, PrivCo has added:
7,527 Companies |  301 Funding Activities | 205 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Circle Internet Financial raises $400MM from Blackrock
Fintech • Equity • Boston, MA raises $10MM from NEA
Enterprise Software • Seed • Seattle, WA


Noogata raises $16MM from Eight Roads
Enterprise Software • Round A • NY, New York


PassiveLogic raises $15MM from Brookfield
Industrial Automation • Equity • Salt Lake, UT 

Silverfort raises $65MM from Greenfield Partners
Cybersecurity • Round C • Tel Aviv, Israel 


Grain Intelligence raises $16MM from Tiger Global Management
Software • Round A • San Mateo, CA 


Wagestream raises $60MM from Smash Capital
Fintech • Round C • London, United Kingdom


OSF Digital raises $100MM from Sunstone Partners

Customer Relationship Management • Round C • Quebec, Canada

Trace raises $47MM from Pelion Venture Partners
Video • Round C • Austin, TX

Cimeio Therapeutics raises $50MM from Versant Ventures
Biotechnology • Round A • Basel, Switzerland  

Protegis acquires PDS Systems
Security Systems • Acquisition • Columbus, OH

Checkr acquires Goodhire
Screening • Acquisition • Redwood, CA


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