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Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists
April 14, 2022

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Ever notice that when you go offline for two days, you miss some jaw-dropping headlines? As if pulled off the script of the dark comedic pages of "Don't Look Up," scientists last week chained themselves to the door of J.P. Morgan Chase to draw attention to the climate disaster financial institutions and the government have been ignoring. The April 6th protest was one of more than a dozen scientist-led protests worldwide after the latest UN climate report. The news might have been only a blip on my newsfeed if not for spotting this heartfelt message from NASA scientist Dr. Peter Kalmus.

Climate activist and political scientist Dr. Tadzio Müller put it this way: "life in 10 years on this planet will be significantly negatively impacted everywhere by the climate crisis for everybody, but we're not doing anything about it. We're just ignoring it."

The role of business leaders
Hearing from entrepreneurs in a recent panel, Climate Policy for Startups, with Anne Hoskins from solar company SunRun and Peter Minor of carbon capture technology firm Carbon180, the technology exists; it's the political will that needs development.

Of particular importance is not only stopping carbon emissions but removing them from the air. For now, carbon capture requires enormous capital investment but, as we've seen with other net-zero technologies, will only be economically viable once it's been properly funded.

Climeworks just raised $650MM for their carbon capture technology for individuals and businesses. Sweep is a carbon management platform out of France that raised a $73MM Series B. Carbon Capture builds the industrial machinery to do as its name suggests. They just raised a $35MM Round A.

Meta's play for VR
Meta is rushing to make VR glasses a thing. Will it work?
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Deals, Deals, Deals
These investors secured the most deals in March.
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Since last week, PrivCo has added:
7,527 Companies | 301 Funding Activities | 205 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Newfront raises $200MM from Goldman Sachs and B Capital
Insurtech • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Genies raises $150MM from Silver Lake
Consumer Software • Round C • Los Angeles, CA

Natural Fiber Welding raises $85MM from Evolution VC Partners
Manufacturing • Round B • Peoria, IL

Kubit raises $18MM from Insight Partners
Big Data • Round A • Fremont, CA

Leaf Trade raises $12.5MM from Artemis Growth Partners                   Cannabis • Round B • Chicago, IL

Prelude raises $24MM from Sequoia Capital
Cyber Security • Round A • Seattle, WA

Viral Nation secures $198MM from Eldridge
Digital Marketing • Equity • Mississauga, Canada

Choco raises $111MM from G Squared
Software • Round B-2 • Berlin, Germany

NODAR raises $12MM from NEA
Computer Vision • Round A • Boston, MA

Jobox raises $42MM from General Catalyst
Marketplace • Round B • Palo Alto, CA

ClearShark announces acquisition of FedBiz IT
IT Consulting • Acquisition • Leesburg, VA

Net at Work acquires ProServe Solutions
Database Management • Acquisition • Amherst, NY

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