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Our comprehensive free-text search between industries, verticals, locations, and more means you can extract strategic insight all in one platform. Track market insights and automatically provide signals with PrivCo’s shareable watchlists to ensure that no valuable opportunity is missed.

Always Updated

Using our proprietary mapping algorithms including machine learning technology and human QA engineering to vet our data, PrivCo is able to provide always updated insights on the private company space in the U.S. irrespective of ownership or deal activity.

Data in the Details

PrivCo is the leading data expert in Private Company Research. Over a decade worth of sources and experience that deliver on high-quality, structured, and ready-to-use data. Exclusive insights into Company financials - Revenue, EBITDA, Valuations, and Growth metrics. Focus on the data that gets to a conclusion

Actionable Data

How Our Data is Used

Our rich, in-depth datasets help different industry leaders and businesses make informed decisions.



Executive Search

Business Development

Venture Capital

Investment Banking

Students and universities can search for private company information for a case study and project research
Executive Search
Find accurate information on industries & verticals and potential high growth companies to identify executive search needs.
Business Development
Finding companies with high growth potential with revenue and funding financials to target the right sales prospect.
Venture Capital
Develop your fund’s narrative and thesis using PrivCo’s intelligence to target new investments on companies with funding, deal data, and financials, including revenue, EBITDA, and valuation
Investment Banking
Get accurate industry and vertical classification that identifies missed investment opportunities to get a full picture. Retrieve actionable insights related to venture capital, M&A, and debt and equity financings.

Accelerate your Discovery & Decision Making

Platform provides tools for discovery, sharing, research, and reporting. Stay on top of Privately Held Companies with watchlists, data exports, and tear-sheets.

Advanced Search

Gain access to over 4M+ data points across thousands of business verticals. Leverage our intelligent search engine to find private company financials, investment and deals.

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Streamline your research workflow with your colleagues with access to collaborative watchlists, investor tear sheets, and data exports.

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Company Profiles

Stay ahead of research with hard to find financials - Revenues, EBITDA, Valuation, and other company growth metrics

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Company Profiles
Export Data

Export Data

Comprehensive private company platform with access to our leading data research services team. Eliminate the research overhead with fragmented business data that leads to the wrong opportunity.

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