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Pull the exact data you need-and nothing you don't-from the most accurate and up-to-date private financial data with our API and data exports.

  • Outsource your research needs with direct access to millions of private company data points and our team of experts.
  • Simply define your relevant criteria to receive ongoing insights.
  • Save time and money with streamlined access and straightforward pricing from our Managed Data Solutions.

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Managed Data

Choose from 146MM+ data points across 1,000 verticals

Directly extract data based on customizable criteria, including revenues, EBITDA, valuations, fundings, deals, and more. Enable your team with easy access to hard-to-find private market data through API or data exports.

Custom API Solutions

Gain actionable intelligence in seconds

Integrate our data with your existing systems to instantly increase your team’s comprehension of the middle market. Extract bulk data via JSON or CSV.

Simplify even further with data exports

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Our expert data analysts are available to create custom datasets to fill in any knowledge gap for your team. We'll deliver your custom export in either JSON or CSV format.

Learn which companies are top-performing in their industries using revenue and growth signals.

Generate detailed insights from millions of data points using your exact search parameters. Analyze critical features of private company health and longevity.

Our Data Methodology

Finding private financial data is often a fragmented, disorganized, and inconsistent process in an opaque market. With over a decade of experience in private financial data collection and modeling, our multi-step approach provides you with the most accurate and in-depth intelligence, saving you time and money.

  1. Our process begins with our curated list of reputable data sources of filings, publications and credible news sources.
  2. We use these sources to educate, inform, and model our AI and machine-learning algorithms to uncover revenues, employee counts, valuations, growth signals, deals, and more.
  3. Our highly trained team of data scientists and engineers then verify and update thousands of individual profiles on a rolling basis, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information.

Our Differentiators

Private-FocusedOther financial intelligence companies lack the commitment to the private sector and spend many of their resources chasing publicly available information. We devote 100% of our resources to the private data sphere.

Combining the best of AI with a human touchRather than depend wholly on data-scraping and algorithmic data modeling, we employ the best of both worlds to bring you millions of data points quality assured by our team of experts.

Best-in-class industry classificationOur competitors use large-scale classification systems which miss crucial distinctions within categories. Our industry-leading keyword tagging helps you discover with precision.

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