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In 2023, Reality Tempers Our Revolutionary Bent

In 2023, Reality Tempers Our Revolutionary Bent
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Jan 4th, 2023

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Startups Face Another Challenging Year (WSJ)
U.S. Pours Money Into Chips, With Spending Limits (NYT)
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Trending Companies

Mathpresso, a company that develops an AI-powered learning app that allows students of all levels to receive instant answers and customized learning sources, raises $20MM Series C from YBM.

Apps • Gangnam-gu, South Korea


Safe Pharmaceutical Research Institute, a one-stop pharmaceutical CRO providing contract research evaluation services, raises $71MM Series D from State Development & Investment Corporation.

Research & Development • Beijing, China


Nesto, a company that develops a mortgage platform for easier financing, raises C$80MM Series C from IGM Financial.

Finance • Montreal, Canada


Qitan Technology, a company that develops a genome sequencing technology, raises $100.1MM Series C from Meituan.

Genetics • Chengdu, China


Moore Threads, a developer and manufacturer of GPU technology, raises $215.2MM Series B from China Mobile Digital New Economy Industry Fund.

Semiconductors • Beijing, China


Gold Kidney Health Plan, a company that provides health insurance plans designed for patients with chronic kidney disease, raises $60MM Equity Funding from Chicago Pacific Founders.

Insurance • Scottsdale, AZ • Post-Money Valuation


Tsingke Biotechnology, a company that develops synthetic genomics and biosynthetic products, raises $57.2MM Series B from Fortune Capital.

Biotechnology • Beijing, China


Keyplay, a platform developer that uses subscriptions to help B2B identify sales leads, raises $3MM Seed from MHS Capital Partners.

Software • Seattle, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Apnimed, a company that develops treatments for sleep apnea and related disorders, raises $79.75MM Series C Extension from Alpha Wave Ventures.

Drug Research • Cambridge, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Liberation Labs, a firm that develops a precision fermentation platform for the production of alternative proteins at scale for the agricultural industry, raises $20MM Seed from Siddhi Capital.

Biotechnology • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Since last week, PrivCo has added:
350 Companies | 81 Funding Rounds | 21 M&A Deals

Axiom Space, a human spaceflight services company, providing countries, companies and individuals access to the International Space Station (ISS), raises $50MM Series C from Boryung Pharmaceutical.

Aerospace & Defense • Houston, TX • Post-Money Valuation


Exyn Technologies, a company that developed aerial robot drones designed to enable autonomous data acquisition in GPS-denied environments, raises $35MM Series B from Reliance Strategic Business Ventures.

Navigation • Philadelphia, PA • Post-Money Valuation


Tata Communications announces acquisition of The Switch Enterprises, a company that provides a platform for the production and transmission of live video.

Media • New York, NY • Deal acquires Advanceonline Solutions, an operator of online and face-to-face training of safety and compliance.

Training • Houston, TX • Deal


Olympic Steel acquires Metal-Fab, a manufacturer of commercial and industrial venting products.

Fabrication • Wichita, KS • Deal


GNCO acquires FMH Material Handling Solutions, a distributor of loading and material handling equipment.

Distribution • Denver, CO • Deal

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