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Streamline your research and unlock new opportunities with PrivCo's leading private company search platform. With over 146M+ data records across 796,000+ profiles featuring in-depth company information and financials, you can trust in the precision, quality, and breadth of data to make informed decisions. Whether you're looking for your next unicorn or simply aiming to stay ahead of the competition, PrivCo delivers the comprehensive data and insights you need. Take control of your research efforts and access the most reliable private company data available. Start today and experience the power of PrivCo.

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I came across PrivCo when I was benchmarking services that could help me automate and expedite this process, and they beat all other options both in terms of quality and price.
Associate at GP Investments
PrivCo has substantially changed the nature of my investing work, both in terms of sourcing new opportunities and assessing them. The two key benefits are speed and precision – I am able to sort through a larger number of companies and I trust the information I get.

Optimize Outcomes with Tailored Private Company Data

  • Gain a competitive edge in your research efforts with our proprietary industry classification system featuring over 80 industries and 1,000+ verticals.
  • Discover financial data for both VC/PE and non-VC/PE backed companies, including key metrics like revenues, employee count, and EBITDA by year, using our cutting-edge search platform.
  • Access funding data and deal history, while identifying high-growth companies with ease through our Growth Score, which compares key signals like employee growth, revenue, and funding to others in their industry.
  • Enjoy up to 50 company profiles and PDF/XLS exports each month to streamline your research and take your insights to the next level with ease
  • Experience hyper-focused research like never before with our comprehensive private company dataset.
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Optimize Outcomes with Tailored Private Company Data

Industry Leading Private Financial Data

  • PrivCo uses its proprietary machine learning and modelling processes along with human-assisted sourcing technology to accurately present private company signals.
  • Bridge any gap of understanding private company data with our team of experts.
Industry Leading Private Financial Data

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