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The Top Investor Coverage of 2021

The Top Investor Coverage of 2021
December 29, 2021

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Happy holidays to all of our Daily Stack readers. Thank you for your support this past year. The circulating memes in my friend group chat have all encouraged me to find time to relax during this holiday break. I hope you can as well.

Each week, we've been highlighting the investors whose tastes and preferences decide the fate of hopeful entrepreneurs all over the world. You tuned in to learn about VC partner backgrounds, areas of expertise, and the business trends into which they're investing.

Here's a look back on our most popular investor highlights:

Honorable Mention: Shark Tank edition
#1 Those who can't do, teach. Those who have done, invest. This concept would sum up our article on the Founder/Executive pipeline to VC investing we covered with Bain Capital's latest hire.

#2 Who is crazy enough to get on board with the Wild West of investing? Apparently, all of the biggest Silicon Valley investors. Find out which investors are hungry for NFT startups.

#3 Hedge funds and other non-traditional investors are contributing to the obscene amount of capital raised this year. Refresh your memory on Coatue Management & Hedge Fund VC.

#4 It's no secret that venture capital is a highly male-dominated space, with only 2.3% of all money going to women founders. Many of you tuned in to read about Female Founders Fund's mission to increase venture capital decision makers and investments in women. 

#5 Despite controversial political leanings, PayPal's founder Peter Thiel boasts an excellent track record for investments. Check out those investments on our coverage of the Founders Fund.

What investors would you like to see us cover in 2022? Hit the reply button & let us know.

Elon's eyes on space
The latest on Elon Musk's ambitious (and expensive) plans for space.
A closer look at the poor performance of several big-name SPACs.
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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Nailbiter raises $13.3MM from U.S. Boston Capital

Consumer Behavior • Equity • Reston, VA

Faction Technology raises from TDK Ventures

Autonomous Vehicle • Equity • South San Francisco, CA

Momento raises $4MM from Cadenza Ventures 

NFTs • Seed • New York, NY

Bridge to Renewables raises $45MM from BP Ventures

Transportation • Round A • Washington, DC

LogDNA raises $50MM from NightDragon Security 

DevOps Tools • Round D • Mountain View, CA

Karamba Security raises $10MM from Vinfast

Cyber Security • Round B-2 • Ann Arbor, MI

Gappify raises $6MM from Rally Ventures

Accounting • Round A • Oakland, CA

Rebuy raises $4.4MM from Peterson Ventures 

E-Commerce • Seed • San Diego, CA

Almond Finance raises $2MM from Morningside Group

Fintech • Seed • Boston, MA

CertiK Global raises $80MM from Sequoia Capital China

Blockchain • Round B-2 • New York, NY

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