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Investor Highlight: Bain Capital and the Founder/Exec to VC Pipeline

Investor Highlight: Bain Capital and the Founder/Exec to VC Pipeline
December 6th, 2021

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The expression -- “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” -- comes from the 1905 play "Man and Superman" by George Bernard Shaw. While the statement is contested given the great doers and teachers of the last 100+ years (e.g., Einstein, Marie Cure, J.K. Rowling), the sentiment can easily be applied to would-be or have-been founders and executives who wind up as venture capitalists and private equity partners. Once you’ve been on the pitching side of the table, the transition to the check-writing side isn’t too far a reach.

Bain Capital Ventures has proven this idea out in their recent hire of former Affirm executive Christina Melas-Kyriazi. Her experience working at the intersection of fintech and commerce at the buy-now, pay-later tech company will be of value to the team’s sourcing of seed and Series A investments. She previously worked for LinkedIn and GoFundMe before landing at Affirm and saw the company grow from 400 to 2,000 employees in short order. She then struck out on her own into angel investing because she loved the early days of product building. VC was the natural next step.

Bain Capital Ventures currently has over $9.2BN of assets under management and has renewed its focus on Series A deals. The firm's recent investments include Gradle, a developer tool software company out of San Francisco, and Socure, a digital identity verification company.

Amazon's Private Cargo
Amazon can control where its goods go, avoiding the most congested ports.
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The car-riding service is releasing an audio-recording feature for your safety.
[The Verge]
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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Serve Robotics raises $13M from Uber

Robotics • Seed • San Francisco, CA

Stacked raises $35MM from Alameda Research

Crypto • Series A • Chicago, IL

ServiceTrade receives $85MM growth investment led by JMI Equity

Service Management • Equity • Durham, North Carolina

Nearside raises $58MM from Valar Ventures

Asian-Founded, Credit • Round B • San Francisco, CA

Kasada receives $23MM investment led by Stepstone Group

Cyber Security • Round C • New York, New York

Hometap raises $60MM equity finding from American Family Ventures

Finance • Equity • Boston, Massachusetts

Platzi raises $60MM from Prosus

E-Learning • Round B • Mountain View, California

Tune Therapeutics raises $40MM by Emerson Collective

BioTechnology • Equity  • Seattle, Washington

Pepper raises 16MM investment led by Index Ventures

Food • Round A • New York, New York

Droplette raises $15.4MM from Victress Captial

Personal Care • Round B • Boston, Massachusetts

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