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Valuations on Ice

Written by Nellie

For fans of our last insight, which covered the most valuable teams in baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, we've got more. Hockey fans rejoice!

While bets for this year's Stanley Cup winner might heavily favor the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs, valuations are a different story. Ranked #11 in the most likely to win category yet number one in valuation, the New York Rangers prove yet again how an NYC franchise can beat the competition. The Madison Square Garden Sports' team has a cool $800MM in valuation over the Boston Bruins.

Here are the top 10 NHL teams as ranked by team valuations:

TeamValuation1-Year Change
New York Rangers$2.2 billion10%
Toronto Maple Leafs$2 billion11%
Montreal Canadiens$1.85 billion16%
Chicago Blackhawks$1.5 billion7%
Boston Bruins$1.4 billion8%
Los Angeles Kings$1.3 billion27%
Edmonton Oilers$1.275 billion16%
Philadelphia Flyers$1.25 billion4%
Washington Capitals$1.2 billion29%
Seattle Kraken$1.05 billion20%

Some teams iced the competition in year over year valuation, with the Washington Capitals coming in 29% over last year. The Los Angeles Kings also saw a hockey-stick curve on their valuation, climbing 27%.

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