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Highlights of the Week (November 5, 2021)

Highlights of the Week (November 5, 2021)
November 5, 2021

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When a week goes by and nothing monumental stands out in the news, it’s a little alarming. Have I been neglecting my civic duties to stay informed? Has mass media shielded me from horrific truths? Or is this week what a normal week looks like before the news, social media, and influencers made us all insane? Some poking around on Twitter and I do see another sexual abuse allegation being debated involving Barstool Sports founder, David Portnoy; a CNN clip covering inflation and introducing us to a family with a jaw-dropping weekly habit of 12 gallons of milk; and a celebration underway for the festival of lights, Diwali. Good and bad news aside, catching my breath from a nonstop news cycle turns out to be a welcome gift of early November peace.

Let’s hit rewind on the week’s top stories:

  • We looked at the pros and cons of remote work and where we’re going from here. Tech companies are debating productivity, cost-saving benefits, and flexibility policies like never before. Check it out.

  • Tuesday’s Investor Highlight focused on Hustle Fund VC, a venture capital firm signing baby checks for “hilariously early startups.” We looked at some of their investments and the state of seed funding for hungry investors. Meet the firm.

  • Recent documents revealed secret meetings with top tech execs plotting from a monopolist's playbook. We covered the dark force surrounding these companies’ private dealings. Find out more.

  • A recent stroll in Soho uncovered an NFT project’s popup featuring the leading legends creating a maximalist metaverse, the Bored Ape Yacht Club. If the previous sentence doesn’t make any sense, read on to learn what it all means.

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
948 Companies |  84 Funding Activities | 51 M&A Deals

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Fountain raises $85MM from SoftBank Vision Fund II

Staffing • Round C • San Francisco

Papa raises $150MM from SoftBank Vision Fund

Eldercare • Round D • Miami, FL

Mythical Games raises $150MM from a16z

NFT Game • Round C •  Sherman Oaks, CA

Plate IQ raises $160MM from FTV Capital

Automation • Round B • Emeryville, CA

FingerprintJS raises $32MM from Craft Ventures 

Fraud Protection • Round B • Chicago, IL

Momenta raises $200MM from IDG Capital

Autonomous Vehicles • Equity • Beijing, China

Treasure Data raises $234MM from SoftBank Capital

Big-Data • Equity • Mountain View, CA

YellowBrick Data raises $75MM from Citadel

Network Infrastructure • Round C-1 • Palo Alto, CA

Cloudbeds raises $150MM from SoftBank Vision Fund

Analytics • Round D • San Diego, CA

PubNub raises $65MM from The Raine Group

Streaming • Round E • San Francisco, CA

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