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Big Tech's Privacy Blocking Crusade

Big Tech's Privacy Blocking Crusade
November 3, 2021

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There’s something very Galactic Empire about Big Tech’s combined efforts to fight privacy regulations and total control of the "galaxy" (aka, the Internet). Recent reporting points to secret meetings among Big Tech leaders to combat antitrust threats to their monopolies. Google, in particular, is eager to stall efforts to simplify and protect consumer privacy regulations that would impede on its ad tech revenue, the bread and butter of GOOG's business model, a metric that has been declining for years.

If the similarities between the Star Wars franchise and the secret dealings of our planet’s most influential companies feel like a stretch, consider the recently revealed “Jedi Blue” pact between Facebook and Google. Documents show the two companies gave each other preferential treatment in ad placements and technologies, shutting out competitors and co-ensuring their co-dominance. As the name implies, their inner dialogues sided themselves with guards and peace and justice in the Universe. Unfortunately, the Sherman Antitrust Act would characterize the action as a felony.

The lobbying power of these giant corporations cannot be underestimated. The EU is arguably the most engaged in consumer protection; yet even the EU shows signs of slowing down for lofty promises of big tech. Facebook’s rebranded “Meta” is now promising 10,000 high-skilled jobs in the EU. Meanwhile, the metaverse is being built. Will this new landscape be led by the same “Jedis” breaking laws?
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