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Highlights of the Week (February 25, 2022)

Highlights of the Week (February 25, 2022)
February 25, 2022

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As Americans woke up yesterday morning to find Russia had invaded Ukraine, the markets nosedived, with the Nasdaq down over 3% at the opening and Bitcoin down nearly 15% at one point. By the end of the trading day, after the Biden administration, in concert with NATO allies, had imposed massive sanctions on the Russians, the Nasdaq was up over 3% and Bitcoin had recouped all of its losses from the prior 24 hours. 

Amidst the chaos, one crypto group partied on. Festivals conjure memories of portable bathrooms, mild dehydration, and being up close and personal with thousands of others–something that feels unfamiliar post-Covid. Conferences similarly evoke post-Covid hesitation for their stuffy settings and open-air cheese platters. Combine these formats and what you have is immersive art experiences, music thumping break-out sessions, and Ethereum rockstar headliners at the ETHDenver 2022 event.

Right now in Denver, Colorado, 8,500 Ethereum enthusiasts are taking part in a conference combining elements of Burning Man, TedX, and a Berkshire Hathaway meeting jacked up on bulletproof coffee. Unfortunately, the prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin, the two largest cryptocurrencies, are currently crashing. No word yet how the crash is affecting the conference’s “vibe.”


Here’s the recap of this week’s topics from PrivCo:

  • With stock prices dropping for many of 2021’s favored IPOs, we examined how investors are responding. Find out how the bull market turned into a bear here.

  • For our investment highlight, we looked at real estate investment crowdfunding. To enable more people to have tangible access to real estate investments, these companies have invested heavily into RegTech, the legal engineering needed to change regulations for small investors. Check it out.

  • For the demographics of founders and C-Suite executives to change, investor demographics need to change. We looked at the latest numbers of decision-making venture investors to track the slow but steady progress. Learn more.

  • New York City is known for its thriving industries in art, theater, fashion, publishing, and–now more than ever–tech. See what’s driving the surge of Big Apple startups here.

Quick News:

🔌 How tech is responding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

📱 App revenues mean big business

🤳 Congress wants TikTok to address eating disorder content

Cybersecurity investment rises due to Russian invasion 

🚧 Inflation could unravel infrastructure bill’s impact

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
3,686 Companies |  247 Funding Activities | 178 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Nirvana Tech raises $22MM from Lightspeed Venture Partners

Insurtech • Round A • San Francisco, CA

Varos raises $4MM from Ibex Investors

Software Development • Seed • San Francisco, CA

Signadot raises $4MM from Redpoint Ventures

PaaS • Seed • San Mateo, CA

Brunt Workwear raises $20MM from Stripes Group

Footwear • Round B • North Reading, MA

Niyo raises $100MM from Accel Partners

Fintech • Round C • Karnataka, India

Red Sift raises $54MM from Highland Europe

Cyber Security • Round B • London, UK raises $27MM from TZP Group

Streaming • Round B • Santa Monica, CA

Scipher Medicine raises $110MM from Cowen Healthcare 

Biotechnology • Round D • Waltham, MA

OpenComp raises $20MM from JP Morgan Chase

Fintech • Round A • San Francisco, CA

Dbt Labs raises $222MM from Altimeter Capital

Analytics • Round D • Philadelphia, PA

Fabric raises $140MM from SoftBank Capital

E-Commerce • Round C • Bellevue, WA

Project Canary raises $111MM from Insight Partners

Environmental • Round B • Denver, CO

Nautic Partners acquires Vallen

Adhesives • Acquisition • Belmont, NC

Integrated Specialty Coverages acquires Northeast National

Brokerage • Acquisition • Medford, OR

UKG acquires SpotCues 

Communications • Acquisition • Plano, TX

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