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Highlights of the Week (April 8, 2022)

Highlights of the Week (April 8, 2022)
April 8, 2022

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I’m heading out for some R&R this weekend in beautiful Healdsburg, CA. Plans include grilling, riding ATVs (wish me luck), and floating down the Russian River in a kayak with some of my oldest friends. At $75 a head for the rental, it strikes me that summer rentals are good business–if you can handle teenage employees and nature-averse city-folk. Lo-and-behold, a quick search in the PrivCo database uncovers hundreds of private canoe & kayak rental companies generating upwards of seven figures.

                                                                         Me, this weekend.
Before I head out, here’s a recap of the week’s top stories. 

  • Monday, we looked at tech’s Hollywood moment, with former founders getting their dramatic debut. Are the Holmes, Kalanicks, and Neumanns aberrations or byproducts of the venture capital universe? Find out.

  • Y Combinator has the front row seat for innovative seed-stage startups. In our investment highlight, we looked at the green innovations they’re sprouting. Check it out.

  • Building community is the first step for many brands. But capitalizing on that community isn’t a guarantee. Chief, the women’s networking community for C-suite execs, has done both, building a roster of members and achieving profitability. Learn how they did it.

  • Venture capital seems to have a catch-22 on its hands. Scale fast so that venture capitalists can see returns ASAP, but not so fast you burn through all your cash before turning a profit. What can we learn about the failure of Fast? Read more.

Quick News:
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🏈 More tackles on the NFL
🤳 How facial recognition is being used in wartime
🎮 How to make a comeback as a bad employer
Since last week, PrivCo has added:
31,413 Companies |  277 Funding Activities | 146 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Grover raises $330MM from Energy Impact Partners 

E-commerce • Round C • Berlin, Germany 

LogicSource raises $180MM from FTV Capital 

Consulting • Equity • Norwalk, CT 

EDO raises $80MM from Shamrock Capital 

AdTech • Equity • Culver City, CA 

SamCart raises $82MM from Eldridge  

Commercial Products • Round B • Fulton, MD 

Open Phone raises $40MM from Tiger Global 

SaaS • Round B • San Francisco, CA  

Kumo raises $18.5MM from Sequoia 

SaaS • Round A • San Francisco, CA 

ENSEM Therapeutics raises $67MM from GGV Capital 

Biotechnology • Round A-2 • Medford, MA 

Certik raises $88MM from Insight Partners 

Cyber Security • Round B-3 • New York, NY 

Trustworthy raises $15MM from Valor Siren Ventures 

Consumer Software • Round A • San Francisco, CA 

KarmaCheck raises $15MM from Velvet Sea Ventures 

Software Development • Round A • San Francisco, CA 

Bolt acquires Wyre 

Cryptocurrency • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA 

Pfizer announces acquisition of ReViral 

Biotechnology • Acquisition • Hertfordshire, United Kingdom 


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