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Titans of Crypto

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Titans of Crypto

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Crypto Then & Now

Bitcoin, the most ubiquitous cryptocurrency, originated during the 2008 financial crash amidst the popular anti-establishment ideology of the day. In the years since aspects of a utopian ideology for the digital monetary system still exist but have also been co-opted by many of the Wall St. tastemakers it sought to undo. The following companies represent the most well-funded and institutionally palatable examples of crypto-related private companies.

CompanyTotal FundingDescription
FTX Exchange$1.7BNCrypto Trading
Figure Technologies$1.5BNCrypto-Backed Mortgage Lender
Fireblocks$1.4BNDigital Asset Platform for Institutions
NYDIG$1.4BNBitcoin Financial Services
Forte$939MMNFT & Game Tokens

Crypto makes it mainstream

As long as cryptocurrencies and DeFI (decentralized finance) have been around, there have been naysayers and true believers, with equally strong convictions. Rather than being backed by a Federal agency, the currency's value actually depends on that balance of supply and demand; the more people who buy into the currency, the higher its value.

With the onslaught in recent years of media attention, the rise of amateur trading brought on by the pandemic, and an influx of cash from venture capitalist crypto believers, it seems that the scale has been tipping. The price of Bitcoin hit 7x its pre-pandemic value before we descended into the "crypto winter" of recent months.

Here is the final ranking of the top 30 most valuable crypto startups
FTX Exchange$32BNCrypto Trading
OpenSea$13.3BNNFT Marketplace
Kraken$10BNCrypto Trading
eToro$8.8BNInvestment Platform
Fireblocks$8BNDigital Asset Platform for Institutions
Dapper Labs$7.6BNNFT Marketplace
Gemini$7.1BNCrypto Trading
NYDIG$7BNBitcoin Financial Services$14BNCrypto Trading
BlockFi$5BNWealth Management Platform
Bored Ape Yacht Club$5BNNFT Collection
Sorare$4.3BNDigital Trading Cards
Chainalysis$4.2BNBlockchain Security
Bitpanda$4.1BNCrypto Trading
FalconX$3.75BNCrypto Trading
MoonPay$3.4BNCrypto Trading
Blockdaemon$3.25BNBlockchain Infrastructure Platform
Figure Technologies$3.2BNCrypto-Backed Mortgage Lender
ConsenSys$3.2BNBlockchain Tools
Anchorage Digital$3BNDigital Asset Platform
Forte$3BNNFT Games
Paxos$2.4NCrypto Trading
Bitso$2.25BNCrypto Trading
CoinList$1.5BNEarly Crypto Trading
Candy Digital$1.5BNNFT Marketplace
Genesis Digital Assets$1.5BNBitcoin Mining
Figment$1.4BNWeb3 Infrastructure
TaxBit$1.33BNCrypto Tax Software
Lukka$1.3BNCrypto Infrastructure
CoinTracker$1.3BNPortfolio Management
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