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Investor Highlight: Fun, Games, & Deals at the Transcend Fund 🧩

Investor Highlight: Fun, Games, & Deals at the Transcend Fund 🧩
December 21, 2021

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With days short on sunlight and deliverables, it's a great time to unwind with a good book, a much-needed nap, or a 1,000 piece puzzle depicting an idyllic landscape or work of art. For some of us, the season of slowing down might be a few gears too low from our usual fast-paced, high-gear lifestyles. Some of us might crave a little more score-keeping and racing against a clock, as promised by certain video games or digital chess boards. Luckily for anyone bored with analog activities, there's a slew of startups creating the next-gen of entertainment. One investor who specializes in this area is the Transcend Fund.

The team of three started in 2020 with a few years of experience building gaming companies at places like Zynga and Electronic Arts. They've watched gaming go from individual to multi-player online, to social and mobile, and now to cloud and omni-platform. They raised $50MM to invest across early and mid-stage gaming companies building the next generation of gaming, companies building meaningful, approachable, and compelling games and communities.


So far, they've invested in Big Run Studios, out of Oakland, CA, which develops games for underserved communities and Nifty Games' successive rounds of esports money. Treehouse Games is building towards the metaverse with its gaming community offerings. The company has raised a $2.6MM seed round so far. Transcend is also getting into the creator economy with Maestro, an all-in-one streaming platform for creators.

Stay tuned for what comes next in gaming.
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Funding & Deal Highlights:

NYDIG Execution raises $1BN from WestCap Group

Blockchain • Equity • New York, NY

Airtable raises $735MM from XN

Collaboration • Round F • San Francisco, CA

Course Hero raises $380MM from Wellington Management

E-Learning • Round C • Redwood City, CA

AirByte raises $150MM from Altimeter Capital

API • Round B • San Francisco, CA

SkySafe raises $30MM from Kingfisher Investment Advisers

Consulting • Round B • San Diego, CA

GreenSpark Software raises $5MM from Tiger Global

Scrap Yard Software • Round A • New York, NY

We Flourish raises $1MM from True Wealth Ventures

Wellness • Seed • Austin, TX

20n Bio raises $3.3MM from Blue Run Ventures

Biotech • Seed • Great Philadelphia, PA

NorthSea Therapeutics raises $80MM from Forbion Capital

Drug Research • Round C • Netherlands 

Apella Technology raises $21MM from Casdin Capital

Surgery Tech • Round A • Oakland, CA

Razorpay raises $375MM from Technology Crossover

Fintech • Round F • Bangalore, India

Cars24 raises $300MM from Alpha Wave Global 

Auto E-Commerce • Round G • Gurgaon, India

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