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Investment Highlight: Vegan Investments

Investment Highlight: Vegan Investments
March 28, 2022

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When I think vegan, I think Moby. The man has been a public vegan since 1987 and continues to advocate for this environmental and ethical solution to a world devoted to animal consumption. When recently asked why he has been investing heavily in dairy and meat alternatives, he replied that nutritionally, rice and beans were the perfect food. Still, the key to turning meat-lovers into plant-based believers is providing meat-like options.

                                                       Perfect Day founders

The foodtech industry seems to agree. Whether it's driven by a founder's principles of reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by the meat industry (generating 60% of all food industry emissions) or a corporation eyeing green after BeyondMeat's 2019 IPO, we're looking at the latest in alternatives to animal products.

  • Berkeley's Perfect Day uses a milk alternative whey protein to recreate dairy creations like cream cheese and ice cream. I just sent my Cal alum & biochemistry whiz niece the company's website and its many job postings. 
  • Impossible Foods is another California native company planting vegan seeds in the public's mind with its juicy plant-based "meats." The company has reached a $7BN valuation with its late 2021 Round H.
  • For the lobster roll fanatics with crustacean compassion, there's Goodcatch. The seafood alternative was PETA's 2021 company of the year.

For more investments in this area, check out our fundings search using the keyword "plant-based."

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Decision Health raises $18.5MM from DECLATEX

Health Care • Round B • Houston, TX

Outgo raises $3.4MM from Neo 

ERP • Equity • Seattle, WA

Pixxel raises $25MM from Radical Ventures

Aerospace & Defense • Round B • Palo Alto, CA

Shoreline Software raises $35MM from Insight Partners

Automation • Round B • Redwood City, CA

Dispatch raises $50MM from PeakSpan Capital

Logistics • Round C • Minneapolis, MN

Phantom Neuro raises $3.3MM from LionBird Ventures

Medical Robotics • Seed • Austin, TX

Celona raises $60MM from DigitalBridge Ventures

Network Infrastructure • Round C • Cupertino, CA

HourWork raises $10MM from Morgan Stanley 

HR • Round A • Boston, MA

Treeswift raises $4.8MM from Pathbreaker Ventures

Forestry • Seed • Philadelphia, PA

Latitud raises $11.5MM from a16z

Publishing • Seed • Brazil 

David Energy raises $20.5MM from Union Square Ventures

Energy • Round A • Brooklyn, NY

Victoria’s Secret acquires Frankies Bikinis for $18MM

Apparel • Acquisition • Venice, CA

MURAL acquires Luma Institute

Education • Acquisition • Education

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