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PrivCo harnesses the power of our proprietary machine learning to deliver comprehensive private market intelligence. Search PrivCo’s platform to discover U.S. private companies with $1MM or more in revenue across 110M+ data points and 780K+ company profiles.


PrivCo’s private market intelligence includes exceptional industry and vertical tagging. To determine the predicted trends and fastest-growing industries we compared the total funding data for recent years using keywords to see which industries and verticals are receiving the most attention and venture capital funding from investors.

What's Next?

2021 was a banner year for funding dollars raised reaching $643BN overall. That money amounted to the modernization of every industry, from weight loss to defense technology to life insurance. With our return to office plans dashed yet again, the trend towards better tools for remote teams continued with a greater emphasis on no-code platforms for collaboration. Trading platforms benefited from a continuous increase in amateur investors and the crypto-curious. Increased costs for customer acquisition through ads on Facebook and Instagram meant more brands are flocking to content creators for their ad spending. How will these and other factors shape the next biggest companies of 2022?

2022 Trends

Up-and-Coming Verticals

Our data revealed the top six keywords for up-and-coming verticals (those that have not yet seen consistent funding interest over multiple years). These keywords are: military, influencer marketing, prototyping, graphic design, life insurance, and lifestyle.

For each sector, there was one company shaping the trends and defining the category. Here’s a look at some of the top companies in high-growth sectors:

CompanyKeywordTotal FundingDescription
Shield AIMilitary$348MMAI autonomy software for defense
GrinInfluencer Marketing$132MMCreator management platform
FigmaPrototyping$333MMCollaboration tool
WebflowGraphic Design$215MMNo-code design
EthosInsurtech$409MMModern life insurance
CalibrateLifestyle$128MMVirtual program for weight loss

High-Growth Mature Industry Keywords

Cyber security takes off

We then looked at which industries have maintained and built upon their dominance in funding to determine the top mature verticals. Trends reveal steady progress towards a more secure digital world with fraud protection, identity management and cyber security all in the top mature keywords of 2021. Private companies in cyber security have already raised $3.2BN in February alone and the Russian invasion of Ukraine will surely contribute to further investment in the area. Meanwhile, the Great Resignation continues to put a spotlight on e-learning providers as workers upskill before returning to the job market.

The top mature industry keywords are: __fraud protection, identity management, edtech, business development, digital health, email, trading, database management, e-learning, cyber security, and billing. __

High Growth Mature Industry Keywords

Spotlight: Top 5 Highest Growth Companies by Revenue

Of the hottest industry keywords, these are the top 5 highest growth companies by revenue:

CompanyLocationRevenue Growth RateVertical
FivetranOakland, CA233Database Management
SocureNew York, NY214Fraud Protection
LaceworkMountain View, CA204Cyber Security
Hinge HealthSan Francisco, CA191Digital Health
SnykBoston, MA152Cyber Security

Here are the top 50 keywords based on YoY growth:

keywordYoy funding increaseCompany
Fraud Protection430%Socure, Inc.
Prototyping417%Figma, Inc.
Military268%Shield AI, Inc.
Influencer Marketing260%Grin
Identity Management231%Transmit Security
EdTech213%Guild Education, Inc.
Business Inc.
Digital Health186%Hinge Health
E-Learning173%Articulate Global, Inc.
Email157%Grammarly, Inc.
Trading144%Carta, Inc.
Database Management138%Fivetran, Inc.
Billing132%Cedar Cares, Inc.
Cyber Security129%Snyk Ltd.
Automation107%Klaviyo, Inc.
Nutrition98%Impossible Foods, Inc.
Social Media97%Public Holdings, Inc.
Enterprise Software92%Genesys Cloud Services, Inc.
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)91%Lacework, Inc.
Data Management88%OutSystems
Document Management80%Everlaw
Payment Processing80%Bolt Financial, Inc.
Graphic Design78%Webflow, Inc.
Internet72%Reddit, Inc.
Supply Chain Management68%Globality, Inc.
Life Insurance65%Ethos
Risk Management64%Chainalysis, Inc.
Government50%Anduril Industries Inc.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)49%ServiceTitan, Inc.
Infrastructure46%Cybereason, Inc.
Business-to-Business39%Stripe, Inc.
Environmental38%Solugen, Inc.
Data Integration33%Workato
Health Care Technology31%Cityblock Health, Inc.
Internet of Things31%Plume WiFi
Games30%Manticore Games, Inc.
Employee Benefits29%Gusto
Sustainability27%Sila Nanotechnologies
Network Infrastructure21%Bitsight
Biopharmaceuticals5%Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc.
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