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Celebrating Latinx-Founded Companies

Celebrating Latinx-Founded Companies
May 5, 2021

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¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Today we're highlighting several Latinx-founded companies who are powerhouses in their categories. From B2B payment solutions to co-living real estate, to celebrity-founded and IPO-ready, these startups are paving the way for Latinx and other minority founders. 


As we reported in our Q1, 2021 Funding Diversity Report, 2020 showed a 26% decrease in minority-led raises overall. However, minority companies that were successful in their rounds raised, on average, $2.9MM more than those who raised in 2019.

Four Latinx-Founded Private Companies to Watch 

  • Brex reached unicorn status after grabbing some of the biggest name investors through 9 rounds of funding. Their offering, a B2B payment system, breathes new life into company credit cards through tailored rewards and travel programs for its members. The company nabbed $425MM in April for their Round D of funding.
  • Eight Sleep’s smart bed promises to deliver a better night’s sleep, which is reason enough to have earned them a Series C at $40MM. They are leaders in sleep-tech, alongside industry titan & publicly-traded company SleepNumber and relative newcomer, Bryte.
  • Starcity raised $30MM in April of last year, which, for metropolitan real estate during COVID, conveys strong investor confidence. That Series B has helped Starcity gain traction in hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco, even reaching the international market with living spaces in Barcelona, Spain.

  • The Honest Company’s founder is celebrity & first-generation Mexican-American, Jessica Alba. She’s used her star power to build an empire in ethical household goods alongside serial entrepreneur Brian Lee. Alba has led The Honest Company through 7 rounds and recently filed for an IPO.

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Since last week, PrivCo has added:
644 Companies | 207 Funding Activities | 77 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Backer raises $8.4MM from Crosslink Capital, Inc.

Fintech Software & Internet Services - Seed - San Francisco, CA

MD Ally raises $3.5MM from General Catalyst Partners

Emergency Health Care Services - Seed - New York, NY

Opsera raises $15MM from Felicis Ventures LLC

Software & Internet Services - Round A - Palo Alto, CA

UCM Digital Health raises $5.5MM from Armory Square Ventures

Telehealth Software & Internet Services - Round A - Troy, NY

OpenSpace Labs raises $55MM from Alkeon Capital Management

AI Software & Internet Services - Round C - San Francisco, CA

Splitwise raises $20MM from Insight Partners

Fintech Software & Internet Services - Round A - Providence, RI

Inscribe raises $10.5MM from Uncork Capital, Foundry Group & Crosslink Capital, Inc.

AI Software & Internet Services - Round A - San Francisco, CA

Connecteam raises $37MM from Insight Partners

Workplace Management Software & Internet Services - Equity - New York, NY

Ergatta raises $30MM from Advance Venture Partners 

Consumer Products - Round A - Brooklyn, NY

Instreamatic raises $6.1MM from Progress Ventures

Advertising Software & Internet Services - Round A - San Francisco, CA

Macquarie acquires Waddel & Reed Financial for $1.7BN

Investment Management & Financial Advisory - Acquisition - Shawnee, KS

AMETEK acquires Abaco Systems for $1.35BN

Aerospace & Defense - Acquisition - Huntsville, AL

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company acquires Cooper Tire & Rubber Company for $2.5BN

Automotive & Consumer Vehicle Retail - Acquisition - Akron, OH

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