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How Do We Measure Impact?

How Do We Measure Impact?
January 17, 2022

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The path forward to progress is undoubtedly a winding road. As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s often disastrous events that reveal our shortcomings. The role of businesses has changed. We now expect companies to stipulate their DEI practices clearly alongside brand messaging. Nearly 75% of consumers demand that corporations have some give-back policy in place. ESG investing is no longer simply virtue signaling but one factor in a company’s long-term success.

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While environmentalism and racial impact have been significant components of ESG ratings, a growing piece of the puzzle has to do with worker wages vs. corporate profits. As labor shortages create labor inflation and wage increases, companies that have maintained healthy operating margins are being exposed, not celebrated, by workers, politicians, and society at large. Those companies are getting called out for relying too heavily on contract or gig workers to maintain profitability, in direct contrast to the social mission of ESG companies.

Uber and Alphabet are garnering more negative attention for the ongoing issue of temporary workforces. The research nonprofit Just Capital applauded both Uber and Alphabet for their commitment to ESG goals but gave them both the dishonorable mention of using more contingent workers than actual employees.

For the full JUST 100, check out this list. For more on the topic of ESG investing, check out this episode of NPR’s Life Kit.

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LEAD School raises $100MM from Westbridge Capital

E-Learning • Round E • Mumbai, India

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Digital Health • Round B • Renton, WA

Virtana raises $73MM from Atalaya Capital

Optimization • Equity • Palo Alto, CA

Jaanuu raises $75MM from Eurazeo

Apparel • Round B • El Segundo, CA

SoSafe raises $73MM from Highland Europe

Cyber Security • Round B • Koln, Germany

Gift Management Asia raises $50MM from Apis Partners

Loyalty Marketplace • Round C • Singapore, Singapore

Avaneer Health raises $50MM from undisclosed investors

Secure Network • Seed • Chicago, IL

Gr4vy raises $15MM from March Capital 

Music • Round A-1 • Foster, CA

Concrete-AI raises $2MM from Grantham Foundation

AI Construction • Seed • Los Angeles, CA

DriverReach raises $7.5MM from Fulcrum Equity Partners

Lead Generation • Round A • Carmel, IN

Cloudastructure acquires Visionful 

Smart Parking • Acquisition • San Diego, CA

GoFundMe acquires Classy

Fundraising • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

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