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Surviving the Start-Up Funding Crisis

Surviving the Start-Up Funding Crisis
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March 28, 2023

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Janus Health Technologies, a firm that develops workforce management platform for healthcare industry, raises $45.1MM Equity Funding from Enhanced Healthcare Partners.

SaaS • Naples, FL • Post-Money Valuation


Vue Storefront, a firm that develops and operates API-first and Front-End Service platform, raises $20MM Equity Funding from Felix Capital.

API • Sacramento, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Rwazi, a firm that provides data analytics services intended to help companies increase their revenues, raises $4MM Seed from Bonfire Ventures.

Business Intelligence (BI) • Wilmington, DE • Post-Money Valuation


Vital, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital health company intended to communicate with and engage patients in their care, raises $24.7MM Series B from Transformation Capital.

Digital Health • Atlanta, GA • Post-Money Valuation


Foro, a commercial lending company that designed a process for companies seeking commercial loans of $250K+, to access capital on their terms by connecting them with the right financial institutions, raises $4MM Equity Funding from TTV Capital.

Finance • Charlotte, NC • Post-Money Valuation


Gamify, a firm that develops and uses gamification tools for sales organizations, raises $2.5MM Seed from New Stack Ventures.

Gamification • Provo, UT • Post-Money Valuation


Bend Health, a provider of pediatric mental health for kids, teens and families, raises $27MM Series A from Maveron, LLC.

Mental Health • Madison, WI • Post-Money Valuation


Wilderness Labs, a company that provides an IoT platform that opens the embedded hardware space to .NET developers, raises $3.3MM Seed from Apertu Capital.

Operating Systems • Portland, OR • Post-Money Valuation


Vanu, a company that develops and delivers software-defined radio at MIT and is a provider of mobile communications solutions for the wireless infrastructure industry, raises $15MM Equity Funding from undisclosed investors.

Telecommunications • Lexington, MA • Post-Money Valuation

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Tourial, a product-led storytelling enables marketing and sales teams to leverage product stories throughout the revenue funnel, raises $2MM Equity Funding from Bonfire Ventures.

Lead Generation • Atlanta, GA • Post-Money Valuation


Labviva, a company that developed a SaaS application for healthcare procurement, raises $20MM Series A from Biospring Partners.

SaaS • Boston, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Hex, a company that developed a collaborative, shareable analytics workspace built to help users ask new questions and share findings in one product, raises $28MM Equity Funding from Sequoia Capital.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Dylibso, a company that provides software, devtools and applications for webassembly such as solutions for code signing & verification, raises $6.6MM Seed from Felicis Ventures.

Developer Tools • Boulder, CO • Post-Money Valuation


Adeptia, a company that provides business data exchange and B2B integration software, raises $65MM Equity Funding from PSG Private Equity.

Enterprise Software • Chicago, IL • Post-Money Valuation


Infinant, a financial technology company that provides digital platforms to non-financial brands that enable them to offer financial services, raises $5MM Seed from Fintop.

SaaS • Raleigh, NC • Post-Money Valuation


Atari announces acquisition of Nightdive Studios, a full service game development and publishing company.

Online Games • Vancouver, WA • Deal


Mood Media, a portfolio company of Vector Capital acquires Vibenomics, a software company that provides cloud-based audio experience and advertising technology transforms out-of-home audio marketing.

Enterprise Software • Fishers, IN • Deal


Vital Source acquires Akademos, a company that provides an online marketplace for the exchange of textbooks.

Software • Norwalk, CT • Deal


Risk Strategies acquires Parady Financial Group, a firm that helps retirees by offering income strategies, life insurance, tax solutions, IRS letter consultation and other financial services.

Finance • The Villages, FL • Deal


Force Pressure Control, a company that offers surface pressure control solutions in the oilfield services market, plans to go public via a merger with Stratim Cloud Acquisition.

Oil & Gas Services • Longview, TX • SPAC Deal

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