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Highlights of the Week (7/29/22)

Highlights of the Week (7/29/22)
July 29, 2022

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We're changing things up at the Daily Stack. Starting next week, we'll be prioritizing the daily funds, deals, and relevant news stories each and every weekday. You'll continue to find our industry insights and perspectives in our monthly Insights reports. You can take a look at our previous reports here and expect next week our latest, called SOS: Save Our Supply Chain, featuring 100 Innovators Solving for Inflation.

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Wrapping up this week's stories:

  • Monday, we covered the rise of Capchase, an alternative funding provider for SaaS growth stage companies who typically run up against cash-flow issues that eat into their ownership. Learn more about what it all means.
  • What about all the billion-dollar companies that never raised outside cash? Now those companies are the real business heroes. We look at several Unicorns who've made it happen. Meet some.
  • Bored people tired of Netflix are apparently the largest opportunity in e-commerce. Learn about the latest numbers in livestream shopping here.
  • Have you heard that renting is a waste of money? Opinions differ, but one thing is sure: buying a home is tough right now. Arrived Homes is out to make rental income available to the amateur investor. Find out how.
Quick News:
🧔🏻Study reveals grooming hacks for salespeople
🔋Big boost to climatetech with latest bill passed
🖥️Chips, Made in the USA
🍄Fungus to the rescue

💰Megafunds grow in spite of trends in funding
Since last week, PrivCo has added:
1,386 Companies |  203 Funding Activities | 179 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Onto raises $60MM from Legal & General

Transportation • Round C • England, United Kingdom

Idemitsu raises $61MM from Morgan Stanley

Renewable Energy • Debt & Equity • San Francisco, CA

Nada Holdings raises $8.1MM from Live Oak

Fintech • Seed • Dallas, TX

PunchlistUSA raises $39MM from Morpheus Ventures

Residential Services • Round A • Charleston, SC

BMF Precision raises $43MM from Shenzhen Capital 

3D Printing • Round C • Maynard, MA

Genesis Global raises $20MM from Bank of America

Fintech • Equity • Miami, FL

TestFit raises $20MM from Parkway Venture Capital 

Developer Tools • Round A • Dallas, TX

Coinfeeds raises $2MM from FTX Ventures

Cryptocurrency • Seed • San Francisco, CA

Vicinitas raises $65MM from Andreessen Horowitz

Therapeutics • Round A • South San Francisco, CA

Menusifu raises $20MM from Challenjers Venture

Point of Sale • Round B • New York, NY

Equifax announces acquisition of Midigator

Fraud Protection • Acquisition • American Fork, UT acquires PrincetonOne

Executive Search • Acquisition • Skillman, NJ

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