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Tech Startups in Women’s Healthcare

Tech Startups in Women’s Healthcare
May 5, 2022

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Unless you’ve been under a rock in the last 48 hours, you have almost certainly heard that for the first time ever, a draft decision from the Supreme Court was leaked, showing the intent to overturn the landmark case that protected a woman’s right to choose without excessive government restriction. Texas and Oklahoma lawmakers have preemptively signed what are perceived to be highly-restrictive abortion bans that they believe the Supreme Court will uphold. The leaked document shocked and invigorated activism from a wide swath of the population, but many people have been preparing for this outcome for months, if not years.

                                                   Protesters in Atlanta via NY Times

Many women’s healthcare startups have focused on offering women the tools and resources for family planning, including birth control for those who don't wanting kids now or ever, and fertility offerings for those who want kids in the future (egg-freezing) or now (fertility treatments). Now, several are shifting their priorities to include post-conception tools for unwanted or unsafe pregnancies. Expectful, which offers tools and resources before, during, and after pregnancy, is adding abortion-related resources to its offerings.

While California preps to be a haven for abortion-seekers, offering financial services to out-of-state women, Maven, the women’s health unicorn backed by Sequoia Capital and Dragoneer, has been gearing up to provide financial assistance to women seeking reproductive health access. Abortion pill providers like Hey Jane have seen their numbers jump with the institution of the Texas abortion ban. The start-up plans to urge lawmakers to ensure protections for providers in the states where those providers operate. In addition, Big Tech startups announced their latest addition to total compensation, adding abortion travel.

For more on women’s health startups, check out the latest fundings using the keyword “femtech.”

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