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Investment Highlight: DAOs & Real Estate

Investment Highlight: DAOs & Real Estate
January 25, 2022

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Good morning! Hang on to your hats; we're heading to the Cowboy State for some Wild West reporting on the crypto-sphere.

Much like Delaware is the ubiquitous home for business-friendly LLCs, Wyoming is quickly becoming the crypto-friendliest home in the nation. After some political maneuvering to enable an alumni donation to a Wyoming alma mater, the state enacted numerous laws that led to its crypto-capital status. 

Perhaps the biggest boon for blockchain enthusiasts came when Wyoming made it legal for DAOs to register as LLCs, giving them certain legal protections and the ability to purchase real estate. DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are blockchain-based organizations where membership involves purchasing crypto tokens or NFTs to join and to vote democratically for the actions and investments the DAO takes.


Curiously, several DAOs have voted to buy up acreage in desolate Wyoming. What they'll do there is anyone's guess. The inhospitable "rattlesnake pasture" of eastern Wyoming isn't an ideal place for CityDAO to make good on its name and build an actual city. Fortunately for the neighbors in the unincorporated town of Cody, the "City" in CityDAO isn't literal. One member told The Information that in the future, "cities won't exist in one physical location; there'll be network cities that can exist over wide areas." 

As is often the case at the forefront (or cliff's edge) of the crypto-sphere, the destination isn't clear. For more traditional real estate investment choices, search recent fundings using the keyword "real estate."

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Globalization Partners raises $150MM from Wincove Private Holdings

Recruitment • Equity • Boston, MA

Graph Protocol raises $50MM from Tiger Global

Blockchain • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Ola Electric raises $200MM from Edelweiss

Electric Scooter • Equity • Bengaluru, India

Swiggy raises $700MM from Invesco

Delivery • Equity • Bangalore, India

Wisk raises $450MM from Boeing

Airtaxi • Equity • Mountain View, CA

Sayata Labs raises $35MM from Pitango Growth 

Insurtech • Round A • Boston, MA

Route App raises $200MM from Madrona Venture Group

Shipment • Logistics • Lehi, UT

Mentor Collective raises $21MM from Resolve Growth Partners

Education • Round A • Boston, MA

CommSafe AI raises $1.5MM from TFX Capital

Artificial Intelligence • Equity • San Diego, CA

Klarity raises $18MM from Tola Capital

Compliance • Round A • San Francisco, CA

Anyplace raises $5.3MM from GA Technologies

Live/Work Accommodations • Round A • San Francisco, CA

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