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Highlights of the Week (December 10, 2021)

Highlights of the Week (December 10, 2021)
December 3, 2021

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As we get closer to the cozy end-of-year holidays, there are year-end summaries, future-forward predictions, and a host of headlines that are hauntingly dissimilar to the jolly spirit of the season. Homicides are up, school shootings are on the rise, and disputes over public health directives remain unresolved. While you’re rushing to finish projects or scrambling with travel plans, we here at PrivCo hope you can use this time to spend with loved ones and reflect on your year. Have a great weekend.

Let’s look back on the week’s top stories from PrivCo:

  • Monday we did a deep dive into the number of SPAC mergers and each SPAC's stock price nearly a year after announcement. The results were largely negative. Check out our coverage here.

  • For our Tuesday Investor Highlight, we looked at Bain Capital’s latest hire from the startup executive sphere. Many firm partners are would-be or prior founders and executives who wind up on the check signing side of the table. Learn more here.

  • When will the world be running on fully electric vehicles? One huge factor is competitive pricing for EV-powering batteries. Learn about the factors contributing to the first price rise (and major setback) for batteries in over a decade. Check it out here.

  • Big banks have earned a bad reputation over the last few financial crises. But they’re so ingrained in our lives that we have a better chance of adjusting them than upending them. Find out how banks are protecting their relevance through investments in fintech here.

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
165 Companies |  103 Funding Activities | 25 M&A Deals

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


NetSpring Data raises $13MM from Dell Capital

Artificial Intelligence • Round A • Redwood City, CA

Union POS raises $22MM from Clerisy Capital

Payments • Round B • Austin, Texas

Dispatch Goods raises $3.7MM from Congruent Ventures

Packaging • Seed Round • San Francisco, CA

Arch raises $5.5MM from Craft Ventures

Financial Exchanges • Seed Round • New York, NY

Robin Healthcare raises $50MM from Scale Ventures Partners

Health Care Products • Round B • Berkeley, CA

FASTAF raises $200MM from Luxor Capital

Branding • Round A • San Francisco, CA

Cerebral raises $400MM from Softbank Vision Fund

Mental Health • Round C • Walnut, CA

Rho raises $75MM from Dragoneer Investment

Fintech • Round B • New York, NY

RRAI raises $228MM from Softbank Vision Fund

Autonomous Vehicles • Round A • Clarksburg, MD

Tradeshift raises $200MM from Koch Industries

Artificial Intelligence • Equity • San Francisco, CA


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