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The 50 Top Growth Companies of Q2, 2021

The 50 Top Growth Companies of Q2, 2021
September 20, 2021

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Today, I write to reveal our Q2 deep dive into the companies & industries that have investors salivating. The PrivCo 50: Top Growth Companies of Q2, 2021 examines the data to reveal how the pandemic's effect on funding priorities continues to mature. Spoiler: gaming and getting one’s finances in order were big this quarter.

Here’s a handy graphic that covers the big picture coverage from the report: 


Fintech captured a massive 14.2% of all investments in Q2. For consumers, there are neo-banking options for the big-bank weary among us, including Brex (corporate cards), Paxos (crypto), and Current (no-fee banking). The trend towards a friendlier fintech continues with a Silicon Valley makeover taking place for concepts like paycheck advances, once seen as predatory and sharkish. Dailypay and Varo are two companies with a people-first image toward banking and cash advances, no doubt preempted by the precariousness of many people’s finances during the pandemic.

Gaming used to be seen as a probable cause for a more violent and brain-drained society. Now, thanks to the welcome, calming effects on an anxiety-riddled population during the pandemic, the industry is getting a second life. Epic Games, which has had its own share of epic battles in its challenge to Apple’s App Store, also saw one of the biggest single investments in the space at $1BN.

Cyber Security was a focus in Q2 just as headlines revealed some pretty scary examples of ransomware attacks, including the Colonial Pipeline and JBS meat processing attacks. In fact, Q2 saw a 47% increase in ransomware attacks according to research done by cyber security firm Digital Shadows. Forter, for example, offers fraud protection for e-commerce companies, a double-hitter in rising industries.

Check out the full report here.

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
801 Companies | 74 Funding Activities | 32 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Spring Health raises $190MM from Investments AB Kinnevik

Mental Health • Round C • New York, NY

Rebellion Defense raises $150MM from Insight Partners

Aerospace & Defense • Equity • Washington, DC

Discord raises $500MM from Dragoneer Investment Group

Secure Chat • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Pine Labs raises an additional $100MM from Invesco Advisers

Payment Processing • Equity • Noida, India

Omaze raises $ 85MM from Moore Strategic Ventures

Fundraising Platform • Round C • Culver City, CA raises $10MM

Social Media • Round A • Ottawa, Canada

Matillion raises $150MM from General Atlantic 

Data Integration • Round E • Altrincham Ward, UK

Unifonic raises $125MM 

API • Round B • Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

Pentair acquires Pleatco for $255MM

Pool & Spa • Acquisition • Glen Cove, NY

BYJU’S acquires Neuron Fuel for $200MM

PaaS • Acquisition • Mountain View, CA

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