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Wiping Out Single-Use Plastics

Wiping Out Single-Use Plastics
July 19, 2022

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I love a quaint pastoral British crime drama for two reasons: the whodunnit storyline and the glimpse into village life before the introduction of single-use plastics. People used to carry wicker baskets and woven sacks, chucking whole carrots and unrefrigerated eggs into their arms in a less sanitized but less wasteful shopping experience. It took the pandemic's incessant Clorox wiping down of our bags of tortilla chips and deliveries of non-reusable groceries wrapped in endless plastic to kick off a renewed interest in package-free staples.

Bans on Bags
California recently passed legislation phasing out disposable single-use plastic by 2032. Eight states have taken a hard look at plastic consumption and are making moves to reduce plastics. India and Canada have implemented Federal bans. Even if only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, the plastics clogging up our oceans and waterways are worth addressing.


Can Detergent Pods Save America?
Companies that produce a highly-concentrated dose of household cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaner and streak-free window wash, are all the rage. Reducing plastic consumption by sending concentrate pods via mail reduces shipping and plastic consumption. Blueland, Grove Collaborative, and Smol are just several brands that come to mind. Everdrop is one such company that, despite a shrinking e-commerce market, has seen 300% YoY growth. The German company recently raised an $81MM Round B to develop more products, file an international patent, and focus on R&D. 

For now, there is ample opportunity for companies to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer. Package Free Shop is one e-commerce brand bringing the package-free lifestyle to the masses.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

OSE raises $300MM from undisclosed investors

Finance • Equity • England, United Kingdom

Stori raises $150MM from GIC

Fintech • Debt & Equity • Mexico City,  Mexico

Cruising Kitchens raises $100MM from Ghost Financial

Fabrication • Equity • San Antonio, TX

Delfi Diagnostics raises $225MM from DFJ Growth

Biotechnology • Round B • Palo, Alto, CA

Airbase raises $150MM from Goldman Sachs

Fintech • Debt • San Francisco, CA

Hefei Gas raises $686MM from China Resources Gas

Oil & Gas • Equity • Anhui, China

Meow raises $22MM from Tiger Global

Cryptocurrency • Round A • Miami Beach, FL

SupplyPike raises $25MM from Noro-Moseley

Cloud • Series B • Fayetteville, AR

Merkle raises $30MM from Andreessen Horowitz

Developer Tools • Equity • Venice, CA   

Phaidra raises $25MM from Starshot

Artificial Intelligence • Series A • Seattle, WA

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry acquires Neenah

Industrial • Acquisition • Neenah, WI

PQE Group acquires United Pharma Technologies

Healthcare • Acquisition • South Plainfield, NJ

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