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Impact of Artificial Intelligence Startups

Impact of Artificial Intelligence Startups
May 4, 2021

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While our May 4th edition is not about futuristic talking droids or about laser beams, it only seems reasonable to look at the future of technology through the lens of artificial intelligence today. AI technology comes in many shapes and forms, and the pandemic has accelerated AI's use in almost every industry. Here are three examples of AI usage and the startups that have used AI to solve a number of wide-ranging issues.

Healthcare and Biotech
Advances in AI are making it easier to mimic human cognition in the analysis, presentation, and comprehension of complex medical and health care data. This idea includes using AI to map trends in healthcare to improve patient care and diagnostics, the way Komodo Health does, or to leverage AI for new drug discovery like Genesis Therapeutics and Verge Genomics.

Computer Vision and AMP Robotics are two startups using computer vision AI to improve two very different industries—healthcare and waste recycling—by processing millions of images to map complex streams of information.

Natural Language Processing
AI usage in natural language processing (NLP) has made it easier for computers to understand human language. Whisper is an AI-enabled hearing aid that gets smarter over time, leveraging NLP to process sound in real-time and optimize it for your surroundings. Lilt is an enterprise translation machine that leverages NLP to make the translation better over time, as it continues to learn different languages.

Ant Group Valuation Slashed
Although still at a $144BN valuation, the Chinese company had its valuation halved by Fidelity Investments over the Chinese government crackdown and forced restructuring. 
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Verizon Offloads Digital Media Companies
After attempting to get into digital media by acquiring Yahoo and AOL for $9BN, Verizon has announced it will sell both properties to Apollo Global Management for $5BN.
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Since last week, PrivCo has added:
644 Companies | 207 Funding Activities | 77 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Recurate raises $3.25MM led by Gradient Ventures
E-commerce Software & Internet Services • Seed • Washington, DC

Plus One Robotics raises $33MM co-led by McRock Capital and TransLink Capital
Logistics Software & Internet Services • Round B • San Antonio, TX

Tellius raises $8MM led by Sands Capital Ventures
Technology Services • Round A • Reston, VA

Signal Advisors raises $10MM led by General Catalyst Partners
Fintech Software & Internet Services • Round A • Detroit, MI

Gridtential Energy raises $12MM led by 1955 Capital
Renewable Electricity & Fuels • Equity • Santa Clara, CA

Honorlock raises $25MM led by Owl Ventures
Education Software & Internet Services • Round B • Boca Raton, FL

Cigent Technology raises $7.6MM
Cyber Security Software & Internet Services • Round A • Fort Myers, FL

Supersapiens raises $13.5MM led by MICA Ventures
Performance Management Software & Internet Services • Equity • Atlanta, GA

Databook Labs raises $16MM co-led by Salesforce Ventures and Microsoft Ventures
AI Software & Internet Services • Round A • Palo Alto, CA

Guesty raises $50MM led by Apax Partners
Property Management Software & Internet Services • Round D • Walnut, CA raises $50MM
Analytics Software & Internet Services • Round B • Los Altos, CA raises $12MM led by Lumen Technologies
Architecture Software & Internet Services • Round B • Boulder, CO

Arturo raises $25MM led by Atlantic Bridge Capital
Big Data Software & Internet Services • Round B • Chicago, IL

Toucan Technologies raises $4.5MM led by LightShed Ventures
Edtech Software & Internet Services • Seed • Santa Monica, CA

Veryfi raises $12MM led by NewView Capital
Fintech Software & Internet Services • Round A • San Mateo, CA

Coinbase acquires Skew
Investment Banking, Trading & Brokerage • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

Nestle acquires The Bountiful Company for $5.75BN
Consumer Products • Acquisition • Ronkonkoma, NY

Slack acquires Woven 
Scheduling Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • Mountain View, CA

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