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Highlights of the Week (May 13, 2022)

Highlights of the Week (May 13, 2022)
May 13, 2022

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Happy Friday! 

Now on to the bad news. If you’ve been paying attention to the stock market or financial news headlines, you know that a recession appears imminent. Despite having been through several recessions in my lifetime, I still don’t quite understand what recession means. I found helpful this article, in which several factors were explained, like inflation leading to less money left over for people to invest. In fact, shockingly, $7TN has already disappeared from the U.S. stock market. Where did it go? Apparently, the value has simply vanished. Some industries are benefitting through all this turmoil--namely oil companies and landlords.

It's worth saying that the latest cycle is part of a larger picture in which incremental crashes are expected, as this article describes: Why the stock market is panicking, but you don’t have to.

Meanwhile, here are the week’s stories from the Daily Stack:

  • Monday, we welcomed a guest author from the e-commerce specialists over at The Current. We learned about how technology and fashion intersect. How will the metaverse change how we shop and dress? What’s the future of the dressing room? Find out.

  • We released our Leaders in Climate Tech insight on Tuesday, cataloging 25 innovative private companies across climate tech categories. Check out the companies creating meat without the animal and making deliveries by electric helicopter here.

  • NFT prices are tanking, but Big Tech wants in. What does the future hold for the strange world of nonfungible tokens? Here is the latest.

  • Yesterday we looked at three key areas at the intersection of politics and tech: crypto mining and the EPA, valuations and the Federal Reserve, and net neutrality and the FCC. Check it out.

Quick News:

📀RedBox video rentals brought back to health by Chicken Soup

🛒Instacart quietly files for IPO

📉The ‘stablecoin’ TerraUSD turns out to be not so stable

👋Twitter execs depart over Musk buyout

Fitbit takes witness stand in a murder trial

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
612 Companies |  274 Funding Activities | 183 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Supabase raises $80MM from Felicis

SaaS • Round B • Singapore City, Singapore

Aiven raises $210MM from Eurazeo 

Data Management • Round D • Helsinki, Finland

Chainalysis raises $170MM from GIC 

SaaS • Round F • New York, NY

Faire raises $416MM from Sequoia Capital

Marketplace • Round G • San Francisco, CA

Observe raises $70MM from Sutter Hill  

SaaS • Round A-2 • San Mateo, CA 

Habi raises $200M from Homebrew Capital 

Enterprise Software • Round C • Bogota, Colombia

Material Security raises $100MM from Founders

Cyber Security • Round C • Redwood City, CA

Artax raises $26MM from Sound Bioventures  

Biopharmaceuticals • Equity • Cambridge, MA

Mothership raises $76MM from Benchmark

Freight • Equity • Los Angeles, CA 

Stord raises $120MM from Franklin Templeton

SaaS • Round D • Atlanta, GA

Greenwood acquires The Gathering Spot

Professional Services • Acquisition • Atlanta, GA

Trustmark acquires FitReserve

Fitness • Acquisition • New York, NY


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