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Who's leading in climate tech? 🏅

Who's leading in climate tech? 🏅
May 10, 2022

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We're releasing our latest insight, this time on 25 leaders in climate tech. Read on for the findings and top 5 highlighted companies.

The latest climate report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) emphasized a heating planet's disastrous and likely consequences, unless we dramatically reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and extract carbon already emitted into the atmosphere. That's a big what-if as governmental policy and public investment have yet to address the crisis with the urgency required, despite increasingly desperate pleas from climate scientists. The IPCC report’s section on investment recommends a 2x increase of investment in climate technologies. As many have pointed out, this recommendation goes far beyond paper straws.


Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine rages on, casting a harsh light on our energy dependence on fossil fuels. The U.S. imported 700,000 barrels of Russian crude oil and refined petroleum per day in 2021, directly or indirectly contributing to Putin’s war chest. With embargos now placed on Russia, and gas prices spiking in the U.S., President Biden has urged countries such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to pick up the slack to meet our energy needs.


There’s never been a better time for private industry to step up to address the climate crisis. In this report, we examine the 25 highest-growth leaders in climate tech, from electric aviation to the future of farming.

To find out about the full list of companies, click here.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Voyage Foods raises $36MM from UBS

Food Processing • Round A • Oakland, CA

Outerspace raises $30MM from Prysm

Logistics • Round B • Carlstadt, NJ  

Fictiv raises $100MM from Activate

Enterprise Software •  Round E • San Francisco, CA

Pachama raises $55MM from Future Positive

CleanTech • Round B • San Francisco, CA  

XII Medical raises $30MM from Broadview

Medical Devices • Round A • Union, CA

Walnut raises $10MM from Afore Capital

Fintech • Round A • New York, NY

aXiomatic raises $35MM from Ares

Esports • Equity • Los Angeles, CA

Amberdata raises $30MM from Knollwood

Cryptocurrency • Round B • Palo Alto, CA 

Zora raises $50MM from Haun Ventures

NFT • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Sleuth raises $22MM from Felicis Ventures 

Software Development • Round A • San Francisco, CA

United Sports Brands acquires Pearl Izumi

Apparel • Acquisition • Louisville, CO 

Caterpillar acquires Tangent Energy Solutions

Energy • Acquisition • Kennett Square, PA  

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