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PrivCo's Q2 Product Updates

Written by Jon Chu

As public and private company valuations are undergoing significant shifts, we at PrivCo have been working to bring you the most accurate financial picture of private companies. With even more targeted data, PrivCo is poised to provide new enterprise tools and resources to perform due diligence on a specific company, growth metrics to source new customers, and/or gain an informed competitive advantage.

Here are the latest product updates and releases from PrivCo.

Best-in-Class Data

  • We’ve recalibrated our data collection & modeling algorithms to get you an increased level of accuracy with recent revenues, projections, fundings, employee benefit plans, and valuations.
  • We’re the industry leader for up-to-date private company financials, with over 96% of our coverage including 2021 financials.
  • We now have over 110M+ data points across 80 industries and 95% coverage of year-over-year financials.

The Platform

  • We’ve made improvements to our advanced search filter, making it easier than ever to access your unique targets in seconds.
  • It’s now faster and easier to extract valuable insights with Excel or PDF downloads.
  • Improved UX, Better Accessibility. Keyboard shortcuts for our accessibility community. Updated color scheme across watchlist growth rates.

Access to the Experts

Enterprise customers can access PrivCo’s research team for specific data enrichment of hard-to-find financial information.

Data-Driven Content

  • We’re celebrating two years of publishing the Daily Stack and want to thank our growing readership.
  • You asked, and we’ve answered with increased in-depth reporting in our biweekly Insights.

Unlock the middle market of private companies' data today with PrivCo. Use promo code PrivCo50 for $50 off on a Select Subscription. For group licenses or API access, contact our enterprise team for a consultation today.

Jon Chu Chief Product Officer @ PrivCo

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