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City of Angels

Written by Nellie

Celebrities are loved for their charisma, athletic skills, acting chops, and beauty. But leading roles and tournament trophies aren't the only things celebs are adding to their resumes. The glitter of Silicon Valley has officially hit Tinseltown.

We're looking at some of the investments of Hollywood's brightest stars, starting with:

Harvard-educated actress Natalie Portman has a vested interest in sustainability and women's issues. The evidence is in her portfolio, which includes the vertical farming agtech company Bowery Farming, dairy alternative Oatly, and femtech healthcare company Maven Clinic. She’s even co-owner of the newly minted Angel City football club.

Shaquille O’Neal, known ubiquitously as "Shaq," has had more than a few slam dunks on and off the court (and we're not talking about Kazaam). He's invested in Google, Lyft, and other megacompanies after hanging up his jersey and adding a master's degree and a doctorate to his accolades. Why do all that after becoming a millionaire basketball player? He cites the unfortunate statistic that most basketball players end up broke just two years after retiring. Read more about his success here.

MLB Star Alex Rodriguez only has loose ties to Hollywood if you count his called-off engagement to A-List actress Jennifer Lopez. But the former shortstop has several home runs under his belt in investing. He founded A-Rod Corp. in 1995 with his investment in an apartment building and counts rapid delivery service goPuff and modern orthodontic company Candid among his more venture-based investments.

Finally, no Hollywood Angel list would be complete without the lovable actor turned investor Ashton Kutcher whose investments span industries from health care (Elemy) to AI (Forethoght Technologies). His venture firm, A-Grade Investments, famously turned $30MM into $250MM in six years.

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