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“Zero Trust” Cybersecurity

“Zero Trust” Cybersecurity
January 27, 2022

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Yesterday, the White House released a memo outlining an urgency for greater security amidst ongoing cyber attacks. The memo outlined a vision for government agencies to adopt a “zero trust” architecture. Just like we all have to take our shoes off and ditch liquids at airport security lines post 9/11, these new measures will include multi-factor authentications and access controls.

While the government is just getting around to these security measures, startups have been thinking about these measures for years. As a result, cybersecurity experts are becoming some of the most coveted new hires in 2022.

Here’s a look at some of the solutions being built by high-growth cybersecurity companies in the U.S.:

Abnormal Security seeks to make email safer by embedding in-email communications to catch suspicious activity. If you’ve ever had a boss ask you to buy a gift card or HR ask for personal details via email, this in-email action will snuff out that duplicity in an instant.

BluBracket fixes security vulnerabilities in code without disrupting the flow to an engineering team. Don’t ask me how they do it, but the company's investors at Evolution Equity Partners and SignalFire might know.

Confluera is like a bouncer, spy, and assassin, all rolled into one for security threats on the cloud. They’re hiring engineers and salespeople in offices all over the country. Open Raven similarly aims to uncover security threats on the cloud; the company has raised nearly $20MM to date from a mix of angels and VCs.

Lastly, Securiti.Ai is The Forrester Wave top-scorer in data intelligence, data mapping automation, privacy rights automation, and more. It was also named “Most Innovative Startup” at the RSA conference in 2020. The start-up's team nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021, while the company continues to hire for technical roles.

For more cybersecurity icons, search our platform.

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Biotechnology • Round B • Emeryville, CA

Woflow raises $7.3MM from Base10 Partners

E-Commerce • Round A • San Francisco, CA

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Marketplace • Seed • Boston, MA

CaptivateIQ raises $100MM from ICONIQ

Payroll • Round C • San Francisco, CA

DigitalOwl raises $20MM from Insight Partners

NLP • Round A • Portland, ME

Atrium HQ raises $20MM from Craft Ventures

Data Collection • Round A • San Francisco, CA

JiDU Automotive raises $400MM from Baidu

AVs • Round A • Beijing, China

Paack raises $225MM from SoftBank Capital Vision Fund 2

Logistics • Round D • Barcelona, Spain

T REX raises $40MM from Riverstone Holdings

Fintech • Round C • New York, NY

Distalmotion raises $90MM from Revival Healthcare Capital

Meditech • Round E • Epallinges, Switzerland

FTX Exchange raises $400MM from SoftBank Vision Fund

Crypto Trading • Equity • San Francisco, CA

Fever Labs raises $227MM from Goldman Sachs Private Equity 

Content • Equity • New York, NY

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