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Early signs of Q2 Startup Funding Deals

Early signs of Q2 Startup Funding Deals
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April 27, 2020

We are wrapping up the first month of the second quarter now. Usually, in the startup and private market world, data comes out quarterly. However, in the unusual and uncertain Covid-19 time, PrivCo combed through all its startup funding data from 2019 to the first three weeks of April 2020 to paint a changing picture of where startup fundings are going and how things are developing. It is more of a caught in action photo than a portrait. Nonetheless, it provides some insights into how people function, cope, operate during this special time. Read more.

PrivCo has also compiled its high-frequency weekly data here, which we have found encouraging. 

Public companies took more than thought from PPP. More than 200 public companies have applied for at least $ 854.7M. Now the new stimulus bill came with naming names and the subsequent PR fallouts, will the new money come to the real small businesses?

Social media became more niche. Facebook used to be the de facto monopoly. Now that’s changing- people bond on specialized interests and affinities. Many newer and focused startups have carved out space for themselves. Read more

As Europe has started to open up, many US states are following suits. Most notably, New York has laid out plans for reopening following lower death and hospitalization rate. Read More. 

Startup Q2 funding trends so far
Funding flew into later-stage companies and a narrow selection of industries.  [Read More]
Weekly funding data points to ease in sentiment
Weekly data points to improvement. [Read More]
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