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The Anthropology of Real Estate

The Anthropology of Real Estate
January 26, 2022

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While anthropologists' job requirements broadly vary -- from digging up old bones, understanding our evolutionary predisposition for sweets, and helping out with the occasional unsolved murder -- they also have a particular knack for trend forecasting. As our academic subscribers can attest, the PrivCo database provides an anthropological case study into the day's trends, culture, and innovations. Today we're looking at recent early-stage investments in the real estate industry to see where things are heading in real estate.

                                                                             WFH Lodgings, Photo Courtesy of Anyplace
  • Tribevest is a banking platform for investor groups, investing in items from real estate to coffee roasting. The company sprung from a friend group's pooling of $500 monthly contributions into real estate investments. If you've ever found yourself in a conversation with similarly gainfully-employed friends talking about nabbing an Airbnb investment property, this is the platform for you. 

  • Anyplace is marketed on Airbnb to the digital nomad, promising high-speed Internet access in a WFH location across the globe. The company's value proposition is a testament to the lingering pandemic reality of remote work. But considering how many companies shelved return-to-office plans, this model is here to stay. 

  • Azibo is a simplified financial platform for landlords. The company makes it easier for landlords to work with tenants on flexible payment plans, get loans, and find insurance. This product becomes more desirable when you consider the financial impact of the pandemic and eviction moratoriums around the nation, particularly on smaller landlords.

With the ongoing boom in real estate, several companies are attempting to smooth over some of the friction points in the process. MeetElise is an AI leasing assistant, helping busy leasing agents maximize their time. Clever offers a low-commission home selling experience. 

For more anthropological studies on the real estate market, search fundings, keyword "real estate."

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


ArmorCode raises $8MM from Cervin Ventures

Cyber Security • Seed • Palo Alto, CA

InstaDeep raises $100MM from Alpha Intelligence Capital

AI Optimization • Round B • Hyde Park Ward, UK

Darwinbox raises $72MM from Technology Crossover Ventures

HR Software • Equity • GachiBowli, India

Scratchpad raises $33MM from Craft Ventures

CRM • Round B • Walnut, CA

Tribevest raises $3MM from Mucker Capital

Investor Banking • Seed • Columbus, OH

Wandlebots raises $84MM from Insight Partners

Robotics • Round C • Dresden, Germany

Bond Biosciences raises from Collage Partners

Biopharmaceuticals • Round B • New York, NY

Metagenomi raises $175MM from Farallon Capital 

Drug Research • Round B • Emeryville, CA

Epic Gardening raises $17.5MM from Chernin Group

Hydroponics • Equity • San Diego, CA

Dremio raises $160MM from Adams Street Partners

Data Integration • Round E • Santa Clara, CA

Creditas Solucoes Financeiras raises $260MM

Consumer Finance • Round F • Sao Paulo, Brazil

Plenty raises $400MM from One Madison Group

Sustainability • Round E • S. San Francisco, CA

Dishangtie Car Rental raises $200MM from China International Capital

Car Rental • Round B • Shenzen, China

Tristar Insurance Group raises Risico Claims Management

Insurance • Acquisition • Fresno, CA

Griffon Corporation raises $845MM from Hunter Fan Company

Fans • Acquisition • Memphis, TN

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