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Zoom's 90-day plan

Zoom's 90-day plan

The Daily Stack
May 11, 2020

On April 1st, after numerous reports of embarrassing Zoom-bombings during Zoom meetings, Zoom announced a 90-day security plan. In the last month, it has been moving fast to execute the items in the plan. In addition, this past Friday, Zoom announced its first-ever acquisition in its 9-year history, a company called Keybase, which provides end-to-end encryption for large conference calls.

Some of Zoom’s other measures include data routing control, user reporting, and AES 256-bit GCM encryption. The company has also reportedly named a security consultant, Lea Kissner.

It has been just over a month into the 90-day plan, and investors appear to be pleased, as Zoom's stock has since rallied. What’s in store next for Zoom?


Alternative meat companies are having a moment. Late last year, $10 bricks of Impossible Foods' beef were only available in a handful of chains in Southern California. In April, as the coronavirus crisis descended, Impossible — which is still a private company — announced a tentative rollout in 777 more grocery stores. On Tuesday, it added all 1,700 Kroger stores across the U.S. Impossible sales hit a new high in April, the company says, despite the closure or scaling back of its main customer, the restaurant industry.

In the public markets, the stock price of the leading industry player, Beyond Meat, has doubled since Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic. Some of the recent rallies come on the back of a potential shortage of meat since many of the meat processing plants have seen the virus spread as a result of crowded working spaces. Analysts surmise that people are also becoming more health-conscious during the Covid-19 crisis. Check out Impossible’s growth here on PrivCo


Funding & Deal Highlights:

Groove raises $12M to automate sales engagement. The pandemic has expanded awareness and accelerated the adoption of AI-assisted client relationship management (CRM) tools. A slew of startups focused in this area was able to raise funding recently. This deal came on the heels of Knock a day earlier and and Attentive last month, just to name a few.

Hydrant raises $5.7M Series A to help consumers hydrate faster. Wellness is another sector that has seen solid growth recently, as the virus has put health and wellness front and center in many consumers' lives.

Speaking of wellness, Vital proteins says that it has seen a doubling of revenue year over year.

Dtex, a specialist in insider threat cybersecurity, raises $17.5M. Brought on by Zoom's meteoric rise and fall and rise again on this matter, more and more cybersecurity companies will gain traction in sales and also become acquisition targets.

AlefEdge secures Series B financing of $40M.

Blood test for cancer detection company Grail rakes in $390M in latest round

Stilt, which provides financial services for immigrants, raises $7.5M seed round.

PTC Therapeutics to acquire Censa for $10M in cash, $41M in stock.

Latitude 27 Capital acquires JK Findings.

Right Networks acquires Rootworks.

Unity Technologies acquires Finger Food Advanced Technology Group.

Project Management Advisors, Inc. acquires American Realty Property Management.

Pricefx acquires AI pricing software startup Brennus Analytics.

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