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When Is the Right Time to Seek Investor Funding?

When Is the Right Time to Seek Investor Funding?
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April 19, 2023

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ThayerMahan, a company that designs, manufactures and operates systems to collect acoustic and electronic information on the world's oceans, raises $30MM Series C from MC2 Security Fund.

Intelligent Systems • Groton, CT • Post-Money Valuation


Whizz, a company that offers e-bike rental subscription and services, raises $3.4MM Seed from Joint Journey.

Bicycles • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Epic Sciences, a firm that provides real-time biopsy material to guide cancer patients for personalized medicine, raises $24MM Series G from Deerfield Management.

Diagnostics • San Diego, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Eden Geopower, a company that developed a reservoir stimulation technology designed to enhance oil, gas, and geothermal productivity, raises $7.7MM Equity Funding from undisclosed investors.

Renewable Energy • Somerville, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Portrait Analytics, a company that developed a generative AI research platform for investment analysts, raises $3MM Pre-Seed from .406 Ventures.

Analytics • Boston, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Complement Therapeutics, a company focused  on the research and development of novel therapeutics for complement- mediated diseases, raises €72MM Series A from Gimv.

Biotechnology • London, United Kingdom


Benefitbay, a developer of an end-to-end ICHRA administration platform for brokers, employers and employees, raises $2.5MM Seed from Right Side Capital.

SaaS • Omaha, NE • Post-Money Valuation


Capitola, a company that develops productivity and market intelligence, raises $15.6MM Series A from Munich Re Ventures.

Platform• Mountain View, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Kepler Communications, a company that designs, builds, launches and operates an advanced network of low earth orbit satellites with the ultimate goal of bringing internet to outer space, raises $92MM Series C from IA Ventures.

Satellites • Toronto, Canada


XClaim, a company that provides a platform designed to manage and streamline bankruptcy claims, raises $7MM Series A from Josh Jones.

Fintech • Los Angeles, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Since last week, PrivCo has added:
1430 Companies | 187 Funding Rounds | 266 M&A Deals


Crescent Real Estate, a real estate investment, operation and development company, raises $26.3MM Equity Funding from undisclosed investors.

Real Estate • Fort Worth, TX • Post-Money Valuation

Mobb, a developer of an automatic vulnerability platform that provides organizations with automated source code fixes, raises $5.4MM Seed from Ariel Maislos.

Cyber Security • Acton, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Kebotix, a technology company that focuses on AI powered materials discovery, raises $2.2MM Seed from undisclosed investors.

Chemicals • Cambridge, MA • Post-Money Valuation, a platform developer intended to simplify fixed income investing using AI, raises $6MM Seed from Neotribe.

Fintech • Santa Clara, CA • Post-Money Valuation, a company that provides customer revenue platform, raises $5.2MM Seed from Struck Capital.

Enterprise Software • Honolulu, HI • Post-Money Valuation


LockrMail, a developer of a pre-filtering solution for email, providing users with a public-facing email address that they can use securely across the web, raises $2.5MM Pre-Seed from Mozilla Ventures.

Identity Management • Fort Lee, NJ • Post-Money Valuation

Merck agreed to acquire Prometheus Biosciences, a biotechnology company that specializes in gastroenterology and autoimmune diseases.

Drug Research • San Diego, CA • Deal


Engle Martin & Associates acquires EIMC, a company that provides supply chain solutions specializing in risk management, insurance and claims services.

Claims Processing • Jersey City, NJ • Deal


H.I.G. Capital acquires Tower Engineering Professional, a telecommunications tower engineering and contracting firm.

Electrical Engineering • Raleigh, NC • Deal 


Archetype invests in PolicyBound, a company that offers software solutions to software companies.

Enterprise Software • Philadelphia, PA • Deal


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