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India's biggest tech deal

India's biggest tech deal

The Daily Stack
May 1, 2020

Last week, Facebook made a 9.9% stake in India's top telecom provider Jio. This is India's largest direct investment in the tech sector. Facebook is after Jio's app layer and penetration in small businesses, hoping to tap into the growing e-commerce sector and finally monetize WhatsApp

China is going on its longest "Golden Week" holiday in recent history. All workers will enjoy a five-day holiday, as opposed to the three-day holiday in the fast few years. This holiday was seen as a way to boost internal demand and ease the quarantine mental and physical toll on its citizens. How would spending patterns change during this holiday and what can it tell us about global demand and recovery?

Despite seeing a downturn for Q1 ad revenue from Facebook and Google, revenues have been stabilizing in April. Global advertising revenue tends to grow at roughly the same rate as GDP, so any global economic slowdown will likely take down the advertising market. Therefore, will ad revenue be a leading or a lagging indicator? It might be too early to tell during Covid-19's, but at least we can point to some additional data points for insights. 

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Funding & Deal Highlights:
Bonsai raises $1.5M to help students get professional guidance via virtual 1-on-1s
Niche’s one-stop-shop for college searchers raises a $35M Series C
Amid stock market turbulence, investing app Stash raises $112M led by LendingTree
Reveal Mobile announces Series A funding
Taysha Gene Therapies Launches with $30 Million Seed Financing
Rapid7 to acquire security management company DivvyCloud
Affiliates of Sun Capital Partners Complete Sale of Boston Market
UWorld Acquires RxPrep to Offer Online Learning for Aspiring Pharmacists

Take a Seat, Amazon Q2 Earnings
Amazon is spending 4 billion dollars on COVID efforts.
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Apple scooping up startups
More horizontal deals, PEs sitting on the sideline. 
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