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Startup funding environment starts to ease

Startup funding environment starts to ease
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The Weekend Stack
April 26, 2020
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Last week, there were 88 M&A deals and 122 funding raised. The startup funding market has seen a bounce back in terms of conditions and sentiments since the beginning of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place. However, since then, both markets have seen significant improvement, especially on the funding side. The market has currently bounced back to a normalized level compared to 2019. Read more

Big week ahead as tech giants Aamzon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft. The potentially prolonged shut-in economy has benefited these companies in various degrees while also posing challenges in ads revenues. In addition, new forms of media have emerged and customer behavior is also changing fast with the remote working and living style. Who are the winners and losers? And what's the next wave in tech adoption?

Nvidia's acquisition of Mellanox Technologies is expected to close on April 27. The pandemic has strengthened tech giants while putting uncertainties on smaller firms. Nvidia is not the only one gobbling up strategic acquisition targets. Apple has made 3 acquisitions in March and April, putting it at the fastest pace since the company's founding. These targets are also significant in Apple's pivot into a service-based company. Read more

Protesting in the age of quarantine takes an online format. The popular game Animal Crossing by Nintendo has been repurposed by Hong Kong protesters. A reality escaping fun game has been weaponized. In mid-April, China has cut the connection to Switch and has been censoring games on the foreign market. Read more.

Weekly round-up: TikTok's B2B Glow Up

The technology adoption evolution chain goes like this: Asian->US Tween-> US Mainstrem-> B2B. And now TikTok has arrived.
What makes TikTok something altogether different from other engagement channels. And what's next on the evolution chan?
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Does high margin restaurants exisit?
The renaissance of independent restaurants of the past 10 years also meant huge margin depression. How can the industry recover? [Read More]
The devastating implications of the oil collapse on US farmers
2019 has seen a historical level of Chapter 12 filing. 2020 will, unfortunately, see more.  [Read More]
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