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State of Early Edtech

State of Early Edtech
December 3, 2020

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2020 is said to be the year of growth for educational technology as COVID-19 pushed schools to go remote. Although New York, the biggest public school system in the U.S. reversed its policy of using the 3% benchmark for school closures, as states continue to be plagued by rising coronavirus cases, educational technology and remote learning must be incorporated into school curriculums. 

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Some learnings from our recent report on the progressive shift to online learning: 

  • Early-learning providers is already a crowded market with the fastest growing players having been established for over 10+ years. 
  • Although online learning is about being remote and accessed from a distance, the most popular programs focus on building a sense of community while being apart, offering interactive ways to facilitate discussions, work on quizzes together, and even taking virtual field trips together. 
  • Physical educational facilities are also adding online learning targeted programs to their portfolio in order to compete. 
  • Read the full report on some of the most recently funded Edtech startups. 

Although these Edtech companies haven’t raised new funding recently, we cannot ignore their achievements. 

  • Imagine Learning was founded in 2004 and is a $150MM+ valued company from Provo, Utah, and focuses on a complete suite of adaptive digital curriculum and assessment solutions for PreK-8. Its parent company is Weld North Education, a company focused on investing in and promoting PreK-12 digital education.
  • DreamBox Learning was founded in 2006 and provides an online platform for students aligning with the needs of schools and teachers. Although not recent, it received a substantial equity fund of $130MM from TPG Growth in 2018, helping secure it as a leading edtech provider. It is currently led by Jessie Woolley-Wilson. 
  • Achieve3000 is a medium-sized Edtech company located in Lakewood, New Jersey, and was founded in 2000 by Saki Dodelson. The company focuses on PreK-12 instructional solutions and just expanded its portfolio by acquiring Teachonomy, a community designed to equip teachers with the best teaching tools. 
  • Legends of Learning is a small but might private Edtech company that provides game-based learning programs. It was founded in 2016 by Geoff Livingston, Sandy Roskes, and Vadim Polikov in Washington, DC.
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Since last week, PrivCo has added:
1016 Companies | 98 Funding Activities | 121 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Flexe raised $70MM led by T. Rowe Price
Logistics Services • Round C • Seattle, WA

Tallac Therapeutics raises $62MM from multiple investors
Biotechnology • Round A • Burlingame, CA

Materialize raised $32MM led by Kleiner Perkins
Big Data Software & Internet Services • Round B • New York, NY

Surfline raises $30MM from Chernin Group
Sports Software & Internet Services • Equity • Huntington Beach, CA

iVexSol raises $13MM from Casdin Capital and BioLife Solutions
Biotechnology • Round A • Boston, MA

EarlyBird raised $2.4MM led by Network Ventures
Fintech Software & Internet Services • Seed • Chicago, IL

Super Normal raised $2MM led by EQT Ventures
Conferencing Software & Internet Services • Equity • New York, NY

Salut raises$1.25MM led by Precursor Ventures
Fitness Software & Internet Services • Equity • San Francisco, CA

The Carlyle Group acquires majority stake in Every Man Jack
Consumer Products • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

Vista Equity Partners acquires Gainsight for $1.1BN
Analytics Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

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