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Should the US implement a ‘robot tax?’

Should the US implement a ‘robot tax?’
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September 5, 2023

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  • Should the US implement a ‘robot tax?’ [TechCrunch]  
  • Maker of ‘smart’ chastity cage left users’ emails, passwords, and locations exposed [TechCrunch] 
  • X’s privacy policy confirms it will use public data to train AI models [TechCrunch] 
  • Are AI models doomed to always hallucinate? [TechCrunch] 

Trending Companies


Amplified Industries, a firm that offers industrial Internet of Things solutions, raises $10MM from undisclosed Investors.

Internet of Things • Somerville, MA • Post-Money Valuation


PatchRx, a firm that develops medication management systems that helps improve health outcomes and generate additional revenue, raises $8MM from Atento Capital.

Technology • Tulsa, OK • Post-Money Valuation


Hyperproof, a platform operator that offers SaaS-based risk and compliance management services, raises $40MM Equity Funding from Riverwood Capital.

Compliance • Bellevue, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Redwood Materials, a company that recycles battery components, raises $1BN Series D from Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Batteries • Carson City, NV • Post-Money Valuation


CCM Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical firm that develops drugs for different indications and associated companion diagnostic tests, raises $25MM Series A-1 and A-2 from undisclosed Investors.

Drug Research • Wilmington, DE • Post-Money Valuation


Zepto, a developer of an application designed for grocery delivery, raises $200MM Series E from StepStone Group.

Apps • Mumbai, India


Aditude, a developer of advertising operations technology platform for online publishers, raises $15MM Series A from Volition Capital.

Platform • Bronxville, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Fulcrum, a company that provides a manufacturing management platform for small to medium businesses, raises $18MM Series A-2 from Bessemer Venture Partners.

Enterprise Software • Minneapolis, MN • Post-Money Valuation


CH4 Global, a climate technology company that produces livestock feed additives to reduce methane emissions, raises $29MM Series B from Cleveland Avenue.

Climatetech • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


NPCx, a company consisting of video games developers, designers, data scientists, and animators dedicated to making NPCs, raises $3MM from Kakao Investment.

Video Games • Saint Petersburg, FL • Post-Money Valuation



Confirm, a developer of a platform that injects science into performance reviews, raises $6.2MM Series A from Spero Ventures.

Performance Management • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Sortera, an industrial scrap metal sorting and recycling company, raises $30.5MM Series C from RA Capital Management.

Industrial Products • Fort Wayne, IN • Post-Money Valuation

ControlRooms, an AI Troubleshooting platform company for chemical and energy producers, raises $10MM Series A from Origin Ventures.

SaaS • Austin, TX • Post-Money Valuation


Discovery Education to acquire DreamBox Learning, a software provider that focuses on education at the elementary and middle school level.

EdTech • Bellevue, WA • Deal


Reveal acquires Logikcull, a company that provides eDiscovery processing and hosting services.

Technology • San Francisco, CA • Deal


Roark plans to acquire Subway, a food chain company that operates a quick-service sandwich restaurant.

Fast Food • Milford, CT • Deal


Yahoo acquires CommonStock, a broker-agnostic social and community-based platform.

Fintech • San Francisco, CA • Deal


WestView Capital Partners invests in HubStaff, a company that provides time tracking software that focuses on reducing waste and streamlining the processes in its clients business.

Software • Fishers, IN • Deal


GroveCourt Capital acquires Traffic & Mobility, a company specializing in transportation planning and traffic engineering.

Traffic Control • Orlando, FL • Deal


Skyline Champion acquires Regional Enterprises, a provider of manufactured housing retailers and suppliers.

Residential Construction • Flowood, MS • Deal

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