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Sceptical Investors Worrying About Gen AI's Returns

Sceptical Investors Worrying About Gen AI's Returns
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March 10, 2023

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Sceptical Investors Worrying About Gen AI's Returns (FT)
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Trending Companies

Paragonix Technologies, a company that provides Advanced Organ Preservation ("AOP") devices, raises $24MM Series B from Signet Healthcare Partners.

Medical Devices • Cambridge, MA • Post-Money Valuation, a developer of a Skill Intelligence Platform designed for hiring solutions, screening, assessments, coding/video interviews and upskilling software, raises $10MM Series A from Primera Capital.

SaaS • Cupertino, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Ampersand Biometrics, a firm that develops medicines and body therapeutics intended to act at the site of disease, raises $50MM Equity Funding from Flagship Pioneering.

Biotechnology • Boston, MA • Post-Money Valuation


UniUni, a firm that provides delivery services of parcels, raises C$20MM Series B from Celtic House Venture Partners.

Logistics • British Columbia, Canada


The Believer, a software company that develops and builds online games, raises $55MM Series A from Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Online Games • West Hollywood, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Fynn, a firm that offers education loans and financial assistance to students, raises $11MM Seed from Y Combinator.

Finance • Wilmington, DE • Post-Money Valuation


Zeda, a firm that manufactures medical devices, raises $52MM Series B from Taiyo Nippon Sanso.

Health Care Products • Fremont, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Revelstoke, a company that simplifies security orchestration, automation and response for their clients, raises $20MM Series B from SYN Ventures.

Security • San Jose, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Candidly, a developer of an AI-driven student debt and savings optimization platform that addresses the full lifecycle of education expenses, raises $20.5MM Series B from Altos Ventures.

SaaS • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation

Since last week, PrivCo has added:
995 Companies | 162 Funding Rounds | 152 M&A Deals

Roami, a company that offers vacation rental, property management and travel accommodations, raises $14MM Series A from Vigo Capital.

Hospitality • Miami, FL • Post-Money Valuation


Barley, a software developer intended to ease management of workers' compensation, raises $4MM Seed from Golden Ventures.

SaaS • Toronto, Canada

WHP Global, a company that acquires consumer brands and invests in high-growth distribution channels including digital commerce platforms and global expansion, raises $375MM Equity Funding from Ares Management Corp.

Consumer Products • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Aiberry, a company that provides an AI-powered mental health screening platform and technology, raises $8MM Seed from Confluence Capital Group, Inc.

Health Care Technology • Bellevue, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Rentyl Resorts, a provider of vacation home rentals with the amenities and service of a traditional resort, raises $25MM Equity Funding from undisclosed investors.

Vacation Rental • Kissimmee, FL • Post-Money Valuation


Threecolts, a software company that offers e-commerce merchants enterprise solutions across multi-channels and marketplaces, raises $90MM Series A from General Global Capital.

Enterprise Software • London, United Kingdom


Humane, a company that creates software platform and consumer device for artificial intelligence (AI), raises $100MM Series C from Kindred Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Silfab Solar, a company that develops and manufactures photovoltaic modules, raises $125MM Equity Funding from ARC Financial Corp.

Renewable Energy • Mississauga, Canada


VNTG, a provider of a developer tool that allows teams to manage cloud costs, raises $21MM Series A from Scale Venture Partners.

Software • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation

Atairos Group plans to acquire LifeLabs Learning, a firm that offers training and coaching services intended to train managers, leaders and teams.

Education • Brooklyn, NY • Deal


Apexanalytix acquires ESG Enterprise, an ESG software developer intended to help businesses, NGOs and governments reduce ESG risks, manage disruptions, and capture opportunities.

Software • Houston, TX • Deal

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