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The Secrets Behind Trader Joe's High Margin

The Secrets Behind Trader Joe's High Margin
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April 9, 2020
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Hermes and Trader Joe’s are two of the most successful brands globally- each has a strong cult following and off-the-chart profit margin in the industry.

Despite operating in completely different industries and having a seemingly disparate customer base, Trader Joe’s and Hermes share more similarities in branding and merchandising strategies than what meets the eye.

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MIT: the Stricter the Shutdown, the Faster the Recovery
The data speak: Stronger pandemic response yields better economic recovery
Study of 1918 flu pandemic shows U.S. cities that responded more aggressively in health terms also had better economic rebounds. 
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Airbnb rolls out long term rental after projecting a 54% fall in revenue
Starved for cashflow, Airbnb turned to the real estate brokerage and management business. Can it stage a second disruption? [Read More]
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