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Solar Ambitions ☀️

Solar Ambitions ☀️
September 9, 2021

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Yesterday, the Biden administration announced a goal to utilize solar-powered energy for nearly half of all electricity usage by 2050. For context, solar currently accounts for only 4% of our energy appetite. The plan is designed to be ambitious, after President Biden called the climate crisis an “existential threat” upon witnessing the damage in New York and New Jersey caused by the most recent hurricane, Ida.

The plan involves tax incentives for businesses and homeowners, simplified and expedited permit processes for installing solar, and incentives for public utility providers to make the switch with customers. The push to switch to renewable energy (primarily wind and solar) has irked some large utility companies, who see residential solutions like rooftop solar as a threat to their operations. Instead, these utilities are promoting building more robust grids to transport proprietary energy from turbines and solar farms to their customers.

The argument about how to go about reaching these goals won’t just be up to utility companies and neighborhood environmental groups. Congress will be arranging the details of implementation before we start seeing meaningful movement toward this goal. But the signal from the administration is clear: bold steps must be taken to reach carbon zero and halt the disastrous effects of climate change. 

Here are the solar private companies from our PrivCo database. Learn more by searching the keyword “solar” or “renewable energy” here.

O3 Energy facilitates solar energy adoption through financing, building, and operating solar and wind facilities. The Texas-based company saw its 2020 revenue light up as the industry as a whole has been expanding beyond what analysts had predicted. 

SunPro specializes in residential solar, having helped more than 25k consumers make the switch to solar. The company helps folks sick of paying an electric bill access tax incentives and financing to power their homes by sunlight. RisingSun Solar has experienced similar growth in recent years for its residential solar offerings.

Strata Clean Energy recently changed its name from Strata Solar, a reflection of its expansion into the energy storage industry. Batteries will be a major piece of the new building requirements and Strata Clean Energy is building renewable-derived batteries to meet that need. 

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Since last week, PrivCo has added:

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Funding & Deal Highlights:



Wave raises $200MM from Sequoia Heritage 

Payments • Round A • Dakar, Senegal

Factorial raises $80MM from Tiger Global

HR Automation • Round B • Barcelona, Spain

Delhivery raises $76.4MM from Addition

Logistics • Round I • Gurgaon, Haryana

ShopUp raises $75MM from Prosus Ventures

E-Commerce • Round B • Bangladesh, India

Quantum Machines raises $50MM from Red Dot Capital Partners

Quantum Computing • Round B • Tel Aviv, Israel

Mayk raises $4MM from Chicago Ventures

Music Software • Seed • Santa Monica, CA

Apax Partners and Warburg Pincus acquire T-Mobile Netherlands for €5.1

Telecommunication • Acquisition • Netherlands

Butterfly Equity will acquire Chosen Foods

Food • Acquisition • San Diego, CA

Thompson Street Capital acquires Vector Laboratories

Biotech • Acquisition • Burlingame, CA

InVitae acquires Ciitizen Corporation for $325MM

Health Care Services • Acquisition • Palo Alto, CA

Pacific Investment Management acquires Columbia Property Trust for $2.2BN

Real Estate • Acquisition • New York, NY

State Street Corporation acquires Brown Brothers Harriman’s Investor Services Business for $3.5BN

Investment Management • Acquisition • Boston, MA


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