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The Subscription Economy 📦

The Subscription Economy 📦
June 30, 2021

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How many subscriptions do you have? Can you count them off the top of your head? If you’re like many Americans, you might be a “power subscriber," with 10 or more recurring payments.

You might have: network subscriptions (e.g., Netflix, Hulu), wellness apps (e.g., Peloton, Headspace), a prepared meal service (e.g., Freshly, SunBasket), and one or more news outlets (e.g., Entrepreneur, New York Times). Maybe your dog gets a monthly curated box of chew toys and breath-freshening treats from one of the 9 most popular subscription boxes for dogs.


These subscriptions are so ubiquitous in our lives that they become nearly invisible costs in our spending habits. It's a set-it-and-forget-it model of purchasing, avoiding physically pulling out your credit card any time you want to try out new makeup or buy new razor blades (think Ipsy and Harry’s, respectively).

The subscription economy is booming  

The financial service firm UBS estimates the subscription economy is worth $650BN currently and will reach $1.5TN by 2025. With all that money being diverted from one-off purchases into timely and consistent revenue for companies, there is an entire industry of B2B SaaS companies meeting the logistical and financial needs of subscription companies.


📦 Recurly is a subscription platform for configuring plans, pricing, and promotions. Customers include FabFitFun and Twitch. The firm is based out of San Francisco and was acquired by Accel-KKR last summer.


💻 Chargebee offers subscription billing and revenue operations for companies like Freshworks and Knewton. It raised a $125MM Round G from Sapphire Ventures, Tiger Global, and Insight Partners in April.


👗 Chargify manages the subscription between seller and customer, making the process super simple on both ends. This San Antonio, Texas-based company acquired Keen Labs, an event streaming platform, last year.

Ready to take a hard look at your subscriptions? TrueBill was created to help you find and cancel subscriptions.

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Since last week, PrivCo has added:

631 Companies | 238 Funding Activities | 99 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:


Clear Score Technology raises $200MM from Invus Opportunities

Credit Software & Internet Services • Equity • London, UK

GoodTime raises $9.5MM from KTB Ventures

AI Software & Internet Services • Round A-1 • San Francisco, CA

Tonkean raises $50MM from Accel Partners

Software & Internet Services • Round B • San Francisco, CA

Recycle Track Systems raises $35MM from Citigroup

Industrial Services • Round C • New York, NY

Orbion Space Technology raises $20MM from Inventus Capital

Aerospace & Defense • Round B • Houghton, MI

Deserve raises $50MM from Mastercard

Credit Card Software & Internet Services • Round D • Murray, UT

Sanity AS raises $39MM from ICONIQ Capital

Software & Internet Services • Round B • Palo Alto, CA

FAT Brands acquires Global Franchise Group for $442.5MM

Restaurants • Acquisition • Atlanta, GA

Thoma Bravo will acquire QAD for $2BN

Enterprise Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • Santa Barbara, CA

Eagle Tree Capital acquires Integreon 

Business Support Services • Acquisition • Charlotte, NC

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