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Top Performing B Corps

Top Performing B Corps
October 22, 2020

It’s no argument that COVID-19 has made an impact on the environment. While the lockdown and quarantine has led to China recording up to a 50% reduction in carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. Meanwhile, on the downside, waste from one-use plastics and disposable face masks have exploded. 

But long before the pandemic, a specific set of companies were already making sure they left a light mark on the environment. Certified B Corporations are businesses that must meet verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are identified as companies that accelerate a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Here we introduce some top-performing B Corps in a surprising variety of industries. 

Source: Certified B Corporation

EdTech with Exceptional Growth
Guild Education helps more of America’s workforce get educated. By creating a partnership between companies and nonprofit universities and helping them together build curriculums suitable for businesses while filing college enrollments and benefiting employees, they have hit a triple win jackpot. This women-led company based out of Denver, Colorado has helped bridge the education gap while working with Fortune 1000 companies. 

Environmental-friendly Shopping
While the spur of e-commerce has also meant more packaging and increased carbon footprint in comparison to shopping local, household goods e-commerce company Grove Collaborative has taken extra steps to reduce packaging including selling refillable household essentials. This San Francisco-born company has bagged over 2 million subscribers who are eager to reduce their own plastic consumption. 

Ethical Banking
Los Angeles-born Aspiration is a fintech company that offers an alternative banking service as a financial firm and pitches itself as a company for consumers who are fed up with the traditional banking industry. With its transparent low to zero-fee accounts, it aims to guide its customers to make purchases from ethical companies, offering everything from carbon offsetting to investment portfolios focused on sustainable businesses. It raised its Round C funding in May this year of $135MM.

Easily Searchable Social Care
Aunt Bertha is a privately-held online search and referral platform for individuals looking to connect to social care services from Medicare to food stamps to housing. Born out of Austin, Texas in 2010, its system is committed to helping people find the help they need with verified networks of care providers. 

Marketing for Good
Portland, Oregon-born marketing company Brink Communications focuses on clients that do good for the environment and align with their three principles: Urban Innovation, Healthy Communities, and Social Justice. Founded in 2012, the company strongly believes that some of the world’s pressing challenges are, at their core, communication challenges.

Fashionable Doctors & Nurses
FIGS has taken the medical field by the storm with its apparel for doctors and nurses. While traditional scrubs were notorious for being uncomfortable and unfashionable, female-founded FIGS changed the landscape with their fashion and comfort-focused threads. Through an easy to access e-commerce platform that has made medical apparel readily available, the LA-born company saw its revenue double last year. 

Photo by Markus Frieauff on Unsplash
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Funding & Deal Highlights:


Moment House, a Los Angeles startup that pitches a way to give artists the ability to hold geo-fenced live events raised $1.5MM in seed funding. It is backed by a number of LA’s entertainment and investment scene individuals. 

Perch, which acquires D2C businesses and products that are already selling on Amazon, has raised $123.5MM in funding led by Spark Capital. 

Slintel, an intent-powered sales, and marketing intelligence platform raises $4.2MM in a funding round led by Accel. Slintel, started from Mountain View, California, uses technographic and thematic sales intent signals to help companies identify and reach out to active, high-intent buyers in their target market. 

Oula, headed out of Brooklyn, New York, receives $3.2MM in seed financing to launch and build a modern maternity center with an aim to improve pregnancy care. 

Tarana Wireless, a Santa Clara, California-based provider of fixed wireless access network solutions, raised $30MM in preferred stock financing led by new investor Prime Movers Lab. 

Possible, a Seattle, WA-based fintech company, raised $11MM in equity funding. Led by CEO Tony Huang, Possible provides access to capital and a way to build credit for people who otherwise would get a payday loan or get hit with a bank overdraft fee.

Sym Security, a new platform that makes it easier for developers to integrate security and privacy workflows into their process, raised a $9MM Series A round led by Amplify Partners.

Venn, a New York-based streaming network aimed at gaming, esports, and entertainment audiences, raised $26MM with financing from previous investor Bitkraft.

Dublin’s LearnUpon raises $56MM for its online learning management system for enterprises.

4iQ, a cybersecurity intelligence firm headquartered in Los Altos, California, raises $30MM in a new funding round.

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