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The Rise of Sports Betting and Fantasy Gaming on College Campuses

The Rise of Sports Betting and Fantasy Gaming on College Campuses
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January 10, 2024

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Moonwalk Biosciences, a therapeutics company that offers precision epigenetic medicines, raises $57MM Series A from Khosla Ventures.

Biotechnology • South San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Ceretype Neuromedicine, a firm that develops a brain imaging technology designed to revolutionize neuropsychiatric healthcare, raises $2MM Pre-Seed from Cedar Street Group.

Imaging • Cambridge, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Arbital Health, a firm that develops a healthcare software intended to solve healthcare's biggest problem, incentive alignment, raises $10MM Series A from Transformation Capital.

Software • Santa Rosa, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Knownwell, a company that provides weight-inclusive healthcare and evidence-based medicine, raises $2MM Pre-Seed from Undisclosed Investors.

Health Care • Needham, MA • Post-Money Valuation


Nabla, a firm that develops a machine learning-powered care platform designed to identify personalized actionable trends to improve health, raises $24MM Series B from Zebox Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence • Boston, MA • Post-Money Valuation


InVivo Biosystems, a company that specializes in CRISPR genome editing, creating customized genome-edited models in organisms like C, raises $3MM Seed from Rogue Venture Partners.

Life Sciences • Eugene, OR • Post-Money Valuation


Credo Health, a platform developer intended for digital medical record retrieval, raises $5.25MM Seed from FCA Venture Partners.

Analytics • Denver, CO • Post-Money Valuation


Clarametyx Biosciences, a firm that develops immune-facilitated biologic therapies designed to fight life-threatening infections, raises $33MM Series A from Ohio Innovation Fund.

Biopharmaceuticals • Columbus, OH • Post-Money Valuation


Medallion, a web3 technology company that helps artists launch digital worlds to expand fan participation, raises $13.7MM Series A from Dragonfly.

Blockchain • New York, NY • Post-Money Valuation


Care Continuity, a firm that provides health care navigation solutions, raises $10MM Series A-3 from Empactful Capital.

Concierge Services • Irving, TX • Post-Money Valuation


HCI Equity Partners invests in Brookside Lawn Service, a firm that offers lawn care services.


Landscaping • Medina, OH • Deal


Alliant Insurance Services acquires Aldrich Benefits, a firm that offers employee benefits consulting services.

Finance • Lake Oswego, OR • Deal


HCI Equity Partners invests in Delaware Valley Turf, a company that operates in the specialized consumer services industry.

Lawn & Garden • Broomall, PA • Deal


Management Science and Innovation acquires Ascolta, a technology company specializing in advanced technical services encompassing information security, cloud management, adoption, and migration.

Information Management • Hampton, VA • Deal

Relex Solutions acquires Optimity, a company that develops supply chain planning software, offering easy-to-implement solutions that optimize complex supply chains.

SaaS • Boulder, CO • Deal


Firelight Capital Partners acquires Fromm International, a manufacturer and wholesaler in the beauty industry, specializing in salon apparel, combs, brushes, and an array of salon tools.

Personal Care • Mount Prospect, IL • Deal


SonicWall acquires Banyan Security, a developer of a network security platform designed to offer secure remote access for corporate enterprises.

Information Technology • San Francisco, CA • Deal


Cresset Partners invests in American Pain Consortium, a company that provides tailored pain management services, focusing on treating chronic and acute pain conditions.

Health Care • Indianapolis, IN • Deal


AUA Private Equity Partners acquires Weaver Holdings, a company that produces and packs Popping Corn, Microwave Popcorn and Ready-to-Eat Popcorn.

Snacks • Van Buren, IN • Deal


CloudScale365 acquires Your Tech Team, a company that provides technology support.

IT Consulting • Warren, NJ • Deal

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