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The Beauty of a Slightly Different Approach

The Beauty of a Slightly Different Approach
March 30, 2022

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Have you ever heard of the obsessive NASA inventors who spent years refining a pen design that could write in space? The story goes that the Soviets beat them to it by using a pencil. It turns out the story didn't exactly happen that way. But it exemplifies perfectly the adage, "work smarter, not harder."

Another example of this idea comes from Jonathan Tan and Roger Basu of Coreshell, a micro-enterprise approaching battery power from a slightly different angle. While millions of dollars and thousands of scientists and investors are devoted to building a better battery for the upcoming transition to fully electric vehicles, these entrepreneurs decided to skip reinventing the wheel. Instead, they are developing a nanolayer coating technology that can prolong and extend the life of any existing battery.

This "working smarter, not harder" mentality is a tenet of the Lean Startup methodology. So ask yourselves today and everyday: how can I simplify the solution to one of my problems?

Sexual harassment storm
Activision Blizzard will set up an $18MM fund for victims of sexual harrassment as a Microsoft buyout moves ahead.
Are you spamming yourself?
Verizon will work with Federal law enforcement to stop spam texts to your phone.
[The Verge]

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Funding & Deal Highlights:

Qure AI raises $40MM from Novo Holdings

Diagnostics • Equity • Mumbai, India

ArK Kapital raises €165.0 MM from LocalGlobe

PaaS • Seed • Stockholm, Sweden

Growsari raises $77.5MM from International Finance 

E-Commerce • Round C • Metro Manila, Philippines

Classplus raises $70MM from Tiger Global 

Education • Round D • Noida, India

SPAN raises $90MM from Fifth Wall Ventures

Energy • Round B • San Francisco, CA

Electric AI raises $20MM from Bessemer Venture Partners

Cyber Security • Round D-1 • New York, NY

Kaiyo raises $36MM from Edison Partners

Furniture • Round B • New York, NY

Concerto raises $150MM from Sixth Street Partners

Clinical Trials • Round C • Boston, MA

Brightline raises $105MM from KKR

Digital Health • Equity • Palo Alto, CA

Yokoy raises $80MM from Sequoia Capital

Fintech • Equity • Zurich, Switzerland

Brightside Health raises $50MM from Mousse Partners

Mental Health • Round B • San Francisco, CA

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