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The Climate Tech Cure for 'Doomism'

The Climate Tech Cure for 'Doomism'
April 19, 2022

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You may have heard of “Ok Boomer,” the eye-rolling anthem of Gen Z against the older population’s, dare I say, vibe. Now there’s a new hair flip against the prevailing attitude of the day, that of doom and gloom about the climate crisis: doomism. Today we’re looking at the younger generation’s “ok doomer” activism, replacing overwhelm and apathy with optimism and action.

A key ingredient to combating doomism is celebrating the wins in climate technologies, policies, and innovation. We’re taking a microscope to some exciting recent investments in climatetech startups.

Ohmium started in 2019 to create a cost-effective green hydrogen solution for industrial, transportation, and energy projects. The company recently raised a Series B to quadruple its hydrogen manufacturing capacity. The good news here is that the company has what it takes to meet the demand for low-carbon hydrogen as the US and some of the rest of the world move away from fossil power.

Vertical Harvest is building hydroponic vertical farms with an expansive emphasis on sustainability. The company works with civic leaders and local developers to locate farms near low-income housing and create hiring practices to employ people with disabilities. The start-u just raised an $8.35MM Series A.

Temperpack Technologies is making shipments sustainable. With more perishable foods and medicines getting delivered directly to consumers, the company's packaging reduces shipments of non-recyclable materials by the millions. Goldman Sachs led the start-up's recent $140MM round.

Stay up-to-date on the good news by searching funding by keywords climatetech, sustainability, or renewable energy.

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Funding & Deal Highlights:


DoControl raises $30MM from Insight Partners
SaaS • Round B • New York, NY


Slope raises $24MM from Union Square and Monashees
Payment Processing • Round A • San Francisco, CA


Ohmium raises $45MM from Fenice Investment Group Industrial Manufacturing • Round B • Incline Village, NV

Twingate raises $42MM from Bond Capital
Network Security • Round B • Redwood, CA 


Filevine raises $108MM from Stepstone Group
Legal Tech • Round D • Salt Lake, UT


Rapido raises $180MM from Swiggy
Ride-Sharing • Round D • Bengaluru, India 

Codapay raises $690MM from Smash Capital
Fintech • Equity • Singapore City, Singapore 

Compt raises $13MM from Battery Ventures
Software • Round A • Cambridge, MA


Moonpay raises $86MM from Justin Bieber and other celebrity  investors
Cryptocurrency • Equity • Miami, FL 

Obsidian Security raises $90MM from Menlo, Norwest and IVP
Cyber Security • Round C • Newport Beach, CA

Specialty Networks acquires United Rheumatology
Management Consulting • Acquisition • Hauppauge, NY  

Jenzabar acquires Spark 451
Advertising • Acquisition • Rockville Centre, NY

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