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Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’

Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’
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December 6, 2023

What We're Reading

  • Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’ feature offers more comprehensive answers to complex search queries [TechCrunch]
  • Elon Musk teases new details about Tesla's next car after the Cybetruck [Business Insider]
  • CVS changes drug pricing in pharmacies after Mark Cuban pressure [Business Insider]
  • Meta set to discontinue cross-messaging between Instagram and Facebook [TechCrunch]

Trending Companies

Retrocausal, a company that delivers intelligence augmentation quality assurance systems for manufacturing professionals, raises $5.3MM Equity Funding from Glasswing Ventures.


Augmented Reality • Redmond, WA • Post-Money Valuation


Bright Uro, a company that manufactures medical equipment that helps to provide care for lower urinary tract symptoms, raises $23MM Series A from Laborie Medical Technologies.

Health Care Equipment • Irvine, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Conduiit, a provider of fintech solutions for the film and TV production industries, raises $1MM Pre-Seed from Aperture Venture Partners.

Fintech • Jersey City, NJ • Post-Money Valuation


Thirdverse, a virtual reality game development, distribution and management company paving the path to the metaverse, raises $8MM Equity Funding from B Dash Ventures.

Online Games • San Francisco, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Aviz Networks, a developer of artificial intelligence open source applications, raises $10MM Equity Funding from Accton.

Enterprise Software • San Jose, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Exectras, a membership-based discount services company, offering Fortune 500 business services at reduced rates, including merchant services, risk management, insurance, payroll, and small business financing to employees and businesses, raises $30MM Debt Financing from Tacora Capital.

Business-to-Business • Missouri City, TX • Post-Money Valuation


Matium, a material medium providing AI supply/demand matchmaking, optimizing transactions, and reducing waste within the supply chain, raises $1.78MM Equity Funding from Undisclosed Investors.

Enterprise Software • Dover, DE • Post-Money Valuation


Darkhive, a defense tech firm that develops autonomous drones for public safety and military personnel, raises $4MM Seed from Crosslink Capital.

Drones • San Antonio, TX • Post-Money Valuation


Culmination Bio, a biotech company specializing in developing novel clinical insights and a disease-independent patient data intelligence platform for leading technology and biopharmaceutical companies, raises $10MM Equity Funding from Merck Global Health Innovation Fund.

Biotechnology • Saint George, UT • Post-Money Valuation


Chai, a firm that develops AI chatbots designed to build a platform intended to discover new capabilities, raises $2MM Equity Funding from CoreWeave.

Artificial Intelligence • Newark, CA • Post-Money Valuation


DuploCloud, a developer of an end-to-end DevOps software platform that automates the provisioning application to the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), integrating cloud ops, DevOps, and security/compliance with 24x7 monitoring and support, raises $32MM Series B from WestBridge Capital.

Developer Tools • San Jose, CA • Post-Money Valuation


Valid8 Financial, a provider of a Verified Financial Intelligence (VFI) platform that focuses on forensic accounting, facilitating financial investigations, and detecting fraudulent transfers by extracting and reconciling banking transactions from various formats for accurate financial analysis and insights, raises $8.5MM Series A from Silverton Partners.

Artificial Intelligence • Seattle, WA • Post-Money Valuation


424 Capital invests in Valogic, a company that provides consulting and engineering services to biotech industry.

Consulting • Frederick, MD • Deal


E-J Electric acquires Lowy & Donnath, a company that provides electrical construction services.

Electrical • Long Island City, NY • Deal


Brook & Whittle Limited acquires Flexoone, a  company that provides flexographic products.

Labels • Salt Lake City, UT • Deal


AbbVie acquires ImmunoGen, a biotechnology company specializing in developing targeted antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) to treat cancer and advance precision medicine.

Drug Research • Waltham, MA • Deal


Trinity Consultants acquires Soundview Consultants, an environmental consulting firm that specializes in natural resource assessments, environmental planning, land use and permitting services.

Environmental • Gig Harbor, WA • Deal


May River Capital completes the acquisition of RLE Technologies, a firm that manufactures facility monitoring, leak detection and airflow management products intended for data centers, critical facilities and other applications.

Sustainability • Fort Collins, CO • Deal


Pharmavite acquires Bonafide Health, a firm that develops and manufactures nutraceutical and health products intended for menopause issues with women.

Health Care • Harrison, NY • Deal


Trinity Consultants acquires WestLand Resources, an engineering and environmental services firm.

Environmental • Tucson, AZ • Deal


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