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Fintech in 2021

Fintech in 2021
January 5, 2021

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Fintech companies were given a huge boost in 2020 especially the ones that have supported services like digital payments, digital loans, and mobile stock services while the world was shut down from services by brick and mortar operations.  Here are some fintech companies that have made great progress and we expect even more growth in 2021. 

  • Stripe. Not only is this payment processing company in our top 50 companies list, but it’s also the top growth company in fintech in 2020. The company provides tools for marketplaces, subscription services, e-commerce businesses, and more to manage online payments including online billing processes. To get a more in-depth look at Stripe’s services and how it grew to its leading position, read our in-depth report
  • Chime Bank was founded in 2013 and is an established neobank providing financial services through a mobile app without maintenance fees or overdraft charges. It raised a whopping $500MM+ Round F in September 2020 to double its valuation which is close to $15BN. The company experienced a surge of users and has been critical in speeding up stimulus payouts  
  • Varo Money is a digital consumer bank fintech platform founded in 2015 in San Francisco. It raised $241MM in June 2020 and became the first startup bank to get approval from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for clearance as a national bank.
  • Carta offers a platform that helps private company founders, investors, and employees manage their equity and ownership. The company reached its unicorn status by raising a $180MM equity round in May 2020. The company announced an alternative private equity trading market Carta X which is set to launch in January. The company was founded in 2012 in Palo Alto.
  • YieldStreet is an investment management fintech company headquartered in New York that directly helps investors purchase asset-based alternative investments in a “crowdfunding” manner, charging a fee as the connecting platform. The company has had a rocky 2020 despite more individual investors interested in investing due to fraud loans that were advertised on the platform.
Roku plans to buy Quibi Content
The biggest bust of streaming in 2020 is selling its content to Roku.
[NY Times]
Google employees form a union
Employees and contractors of the Google parent company Alphabet are unionizing. 
[The Verge]
Last year, PrivCo has added:
125,742 Companies | 10,679 Funding Activities | 7,031 M&A Deals

Funding & Deal Highlights:

Partake Foods raises $1.1MM
Food & Beverage Producers • Equity • Hoboken, New Jersey

RSM acquires MondayCall
Consulting • Acquisition • San Francisco, CA

Honeywell acquires Sparta Systems for $1.3BN
Software & Internet Services • Acquisition • Trenton, NJ

TMS International Corporation acquires Stein, Inc.
Coal & Mining • Acquisition • Broadview Heights, OH

Stem Holdings Florida acquires Driven Deliveries
Cannabis Logistics Services • Acquisition • San Diego, CA

One80 Intermediaries acquires Brokers’ Risk
Insurance Underwriting • Acquisition • Chicago, IL

Avalara acquires Inposia Solutions
Professional Services • Acquisition • Seattle, WA

Black Bear Sports Group acquires Twin Ponds
Leisure Facilities • Acquisition • Harrisburg, PA

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